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Black is like my favourite look at the moment, it actually is so flattering it’s got me feeling my inner sexy, and it never feels too “try hard”, when I have no idea what to wear or what I want to do, I roll on the black outfit. Hubby and I were making our way to dinner (Post coming soon) and I wanted to get glammed up in a laid back way. It’s weird but I have been trying to work with what I have in my wardrobe a lot more. The skirt and top are both very old (Top-Motel , Skirt – Brandy Melville) and I really like what I’ve been able to conjure up. As a youtuber and blogger you sometimes feel the incessant need to buy new things, but sometimes you just need inspiration to put the items you already have into a look that fits the moment. But I’ll be honest, the boots are new and I am in LUST, Zara you do me so well, I bought these online, and the the next day they went into the sale (cries – because I couldn’t exchange in the shop to get my 30 quid back) but you know what they are worth it!

Things in my life have changed a lot recently, mentally, physically and emotionally, I feel like I am mentally in a really great place, which has not always been the case despite the smiles. I’ve often been in a very difficult place of fear, frustration and disillusion, however I’ve made a lot of hard choices recently and am following through. As a believer I am meant to keep my eyes and trust in the Lord, but being the worrier that I am I’ve found that so difficult at times. But sometimes, God takes all the control away from you, bringing you to you breaking point, to show you that you cannot do everything in your own strength. So now that I have been broken, somehow I feel stronger, because I know that my burdens are not for me to carry alone. Sorry to get all spiritual on some of y’all, but it makes up so much of me that I cannot leave it out and I know my story can help others. I will hopefully get into this more in the future, and if there is a place I feel like I can share all of me, it’s here.

Love y’all, and thank you for reading.

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