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Hong Kong was a blast and feels like it was an age ago, however it was only about a week and a half gone. I thought it would be worth while sharing my thoughts on the hotel. 1st I’d just share a quick tip on how I find hotels as it is a question I am asked all the time.

I always book via, I’m not sure why I have always used it, and its not the only hotel site out there, but I find the functionality easy and I know whatever I book is safe. But I usual have a search strategy which also uses The best site ever to get true reviews, from real people, sometimes they are hash, but they are great at painting a good picture. So on I usually search my dates, my budget and area, then filter by star and customer rating, Hotels that catch my eye, I then check out on trip advisor to see if the pictures and reviews really add up, it really does help me sift the shaft from the wheat. It is a bit of a painstaking process but is worth it in the end.

Now moving on to the Pentahotel Hong Kong, It was clean fresh and modern I was very happy with the size of the rooms, as I had heard many rumours about Hong Kong Hotels being the size of shoe boxes, but this wasn’t the case it was a perfect size for hubby and I. We were in a fairly underdeveloped part of Kowloon so the views front this very tall hotel were not the most appealing, we spent a lot of time staring at builders balancing on bamboo with no harnesses about a million foot in the air! It was genuinely fascinating and had us on baited breath.IMG_0134IMG_0138IMG_0181IMG_0139IMG_0133IMG_0420

Now breakfast was a real treat, the buffet was huge with great selection of European, Chinese & healthy options, I was amazed and a little bit greedy, and made sure I had EVERYTHING, breakfast became more of a social gathering going on for almost 2hrs every morning! Untitled-1HotelIMG_0433

There was also a games room and a chill out area with a pool table which was a nice addition, we spent some excited times playing table football and beating the boys.IMG_0421 IMG_0422

All in all the facilities where great, the wifi was a little bit slow, but I do find that is the case often, besides the area being a little far out of the hustle of Downtown Hong Kong, I found it a bit strange that they did not also do room service after 10pm. But with that being said I would definitely recommend this hotel, and would stay here again, thanks to the breakfast and the builders on bamboo!

Check it out here if you are every in Hong Kong – Pentahotel