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Apologies for my face looking like a chip pan…it is just so hot and makeup just doesn’t have the ability to work how it should out here.

Despite the face I’m feeling so good and sultry, with this little fitted red dress as well as my amazing new curly hair extensions (Never fear I still have my lighter hair that I’ll put back in when I get home). I thought that it was time I transformed to the beachy Island girl from within, n ride pon the wata, n nyam coconut inna da beach (Excuse the terrible patois).  Curls truly embody that feeling and it’s so easy to maintain, no brushes needed just fingers! I just spritzs with water and go. For those who want to know, the hair is from Mercy’s Hair extensions and it is the Mongolian Loose Curly. Honestly I love a weave it give you the power to change your look in an instant, put it like this.. white girls love girls love a weave. Now Werk. *Snaps fingers and sashay’s with curls blowing in the wind*IMG_1802 copyIMG_1810 copyIMG_1813 copy IMG_1829 copy IMG_1842 copy IMG_1845 copy IMG_1885 copy IMG_1895 copy IMG_1890 copy