Lets be real, sadly you can’t photoshop real life, and when you’re makeup less and hanging on the beach that’s when you truly feel it the most. Walking around in a bikini and a bare face can make you feel somewhat exposed, especially if your skin is going crazy and blemishes are out in full force under the glare of the sun! For me I find it especially annoying as when I do get blemishes they often leave a dark mark that takes a while to disappear, clear skin is what every girl wants right?

So my focus has been on having my skin looking its best. But lo and behold whenever I go away, either its something about the change of temperature, food or water that causes me to break out….arrg. However I had my Clinique Anti-Blemish 3 Step System which is the perfect size for travelling, and I found on the days when I was out on safari with dust and Elephant dung in the air I could come back to the hotel and wash all the grime away and feel squeaking clean.

However there where one or two times I felt the definite tinging of a new spot wanting to raise its ugly head, but I used the Clinique Anti-Blemish Gel to stop those suckers from forming and I was very impressed. It’s really light and easy to apply without feeling dry and leaving an unsightly patch; There was a little tingle, but I like that, it makes me think it’s working, and by the morning, instead of waking up to a monster, I felt comfortable enough to make my merry way down the the beach makeup free!


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