Being the tourists we are, we decided to take an open bus tour around Hong Kong, I must say it was FREEZING and we really were not prepared for the weather, however we grinned and bared it, It was great to see all the sites and sounds, and the views honestly where breath taking despite the smog.This leather hat was a God send given the fact that we where on a top deck and the wind was blowing it al around. I had been searching around for one of these for ages and found one I really like. Anyway our next step is Thailand, I’m truly looking forward to chilling out on the beach and eating to my hearts content.

I quickly wanted to share with you that I have been working with Ebay on great project, they have released the options for collections and I have created a few of my own!  Please check them out. Its a great way to group great finds and items on Ebay which is a God send if you are like me and can spend hours looking through!

Let me know what you think of my collection!

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