As some of you may know, we moved house earlier this year; so exciting for me as I was totally in love with the new place from the moment I saw it! For anyone that has moved you’ll certainly know the all too familiar, exhausting and never ending process that is “settling in”. We really wanted to take our time with furnishing the new place, and to avoid the temptation of rushing to fill it up, even though that would have been a much easier option.

Many hours were spent browsing through interior sites, Instagram pages, Pinterest and the homeware section in stores looking for inspiration. So when Homesense approached me to take part in their ‘secret shares’ campaign I literally jumped at the opportunity. If you’ve never heard of Homesense you need to get in the know. Having been to their stores before, they’ve always stood out as a great option for quality, one-off homeware pieces at up to 60% off the RRP, unsurprising really as they’re part of the TK Maxx Family

Armed with a gift voucher I arrived at the Greenwich store and set out to accomplish mission ‘interior masterpiece’. With a wide range of unique items ranging from furniture, to stylish bed sheets, to trinkets, ornaments and much more I could have spent all day there! Amongst many things I picked up a mini globe as we love travelling, a beautiful fluffy stool, a vase and some beautiful candle holders.

It takes a lot to “make a house a home” as they say, and of course the most important thing is the people in the home, but here’s a few pics to show you how we’re getting on and to hopefully give you guys some inspiration. xx




  • SG SG

    I love the theme of house is not solely white – metallic. I love the gold hints.

  • Bose Fayodeka

    I love this Patricia, Your house is absolutely beautiful!

  • Chipo.

    Your house looks amazing #Goals

  • We have Homesense in Canada but the stores here are really dirty, disorganized, and filled with random pieces. It’s really off-putting and I rarely shop there. I’m thinking your Homesense stores in the UK are different (i.e. better) than ours are!

  • homewareblog

    Hi Patricia love this post. Homesense is great when you find something special!

  • Nadia Blomstrand

    Just wondering where you bought the “floor lamp” with gold legs…looks like a tripod….
    Love you’re blog and even more obsessed with your vlogs, keep it up!
    Much love from Sweden<3

  • Amara Uche

    Love this! I basically spend time every week at Homesense! It is my absolute favourite

  • I’m so obsessed with Homesense!!! All of the pieces in my home that people always ask about are from there! It’s so nice getting pieces that are unique and one of a kind, plus it’s always super affordable. That chandelier is soooo gorgeous, my gosh. You have amazing taste Patricia!

  • Your house is very beautiful. I just love it.

  • omg i love your mirror sooo much xo tanja

  • Jade Williams

    Love love love the decor, deffo gonna check homesense out they look like they have some amazing pieces x