9 Reasons why ‘I AM…’

Today I’m talking about the fact that I AM FANTASTIC, and how nuts and crazy might I look writing that statement so boldly and honestly! But I’m not going to lie, it feels good to say it and I know when I say it enough I start to feel it in my bones!

As I am a Look Fantastic ambassador, and I’ve partnered with them on an amazing campaign with a group of beautiful individuals who are stating loud and proud that, yup, they are fantastic – HERE

The team conducted a survey asking people if they felt totally confident in their appearance  (a survey of 2,000 respondents),  and only 1% of their customers felt they were.

From feeling uncomfortable accepting compliments, to struggling with what we see in the mirror, too many of us find it difficult to be confident.

How crazy does that seem, but also how true as well. On a regular basis I don’t actually feel that ‘fantastic’, often I feel a bit ‘crusty’, a word I use often to describe utter failure in self and growth.

I’ve realised it’s so important to take the time, and a moment to remember one IS fantastic! So, being the extra person that I am,  I’ve decided I’ll list these out in a blog post as a reminder to myself for those times when I may forget:-

  1. I’m a blessed beyond measure to be a mother to my amazing daughter Grace
  2. I’m a sexy, powerful and strong woman that keeps my dashing husband on his toes
  3. I run a bad-ass youtube channel that has happened to touch many people across the globe
  4. I have a creative and sometimes wild mind that pushes me to limits in a good way
  5. I’m a chatter box and find all the people I meet interesting and inspiring. I see the good in everyone
  6. I love to learn, I’m actually like a sponge and I like to absorb all I can.
  7. I have faith in God, at a time where many don’t, but I believe I am blessed and highly favoured.
  8. I throw epic parties for my friends and family and love to keep them close
  9. I have had experiences that have shaped me emotionally and mentally for the better, travel, food, and people. I’ve seen so much and it has all contributed to who I am today.

I think it’s a-okay and important to take a moment to indulge yourself and recognise that you are fantastic and in that process give yourself a pat on the back.

I’m all about speaking life, as in, saying positive things to yourself, to build yourself up and not to wait on anyone else to do that for you. It gives you a confidence boost and it comes out in the way you look and carry yourself, and will attract positivity. It’s about remembering who you are and what you have, which leads me to my next point; Developing an attitude of gratitude is important for self-development, it keeps you focused, grounded and out of a negative zone. Gratitude keeps me motivated to do what I do and to be who I am in the most authentic way.

Each of us are unique and our fantastic-ness comes out in different ways, shapes, forms and sizes. It’s all about seeing the great in you and appreciating yourself.

So you probably know what I’m going to ask you to do….be brave and share with me what makes you fantastic…I want to know?

Also check out the video – HERE


  • I love this post and your positivity, it always leaves me feeling uplifted. The I Am Fantastic video is amazing as well, so inspirational! x

    Claire | rose-tinted.com

  • Debbie Lovit

    Thanks for spreading positivity! I really like this post X


  • I saw the campaign a few days ago and I loved it! I love how confident and empowering you are. Sometimes you have to embrace yourself and look at what you have accomplished and life and keep embracing your individual journey xx

  • Love this post! I was on your youtube channel for like 2 hours the other day and got m inspired to start blogging again!

    Agnes x


  • bunmi

    Patricia! ???

    I feel fantastic when uplifting others – this actually helps me become more conscious on self improvement, admiting I have a lot to learn and I can learn as much as I can in each moment.

    You really are fantastic Patricia 🙂

  • I saw this campaign a while back and was screaming of joy!! Congrats on it and thank you for sharing 9 new pieces of you.

    Aïchatou Bella


  • Annie Cin

    To be honest it’s in my genes to be confident! But watching you on YouTube and seeing this on your blog has made me even more confident on a larger spectrum!