Today I am going to give you the lowdown on my hair, sharing some of the real deal home truths about caring for it, as well as the amazing products that I use to make my natural hair pop!

A bit of history first.

I actually started my YouTube and blogging career off the back of my love for hair, I used to live on hair forums and photo sharing websites such as Fotki to get my hair porn fix on a regular basis. I was literally obsessed with the idea of growing my hair longer and with that came all types of oils and concoctions – including a garlic and sulfur mix – to try and get my hair to come through.

I begun a hair journey and really did see growth. Unfortunately growing my hair long became such a chore and I felt like I couldn’t have any fun with it, but me being the most changeable person in the world, I got real bored, real quick. So after a period of feeling bound, I went a little crazy and flitted between styles, from texturisers, to relaxers, to bob cuts, back to weaves, back to texturisers and now back to natural!

My hair currently is a gorgeously tightly curled 4C texture in the back and middle and the front is more like a frizz- no-curl kink, its naturally fine/thin, and loves to be kept moist to look its best as it can be quite porous and dry in seconds!

I normally keep it braided, in cornrows under weaves and wigs, and here and there I like to set it free and style it in different ways.

However what I always make sure I do is look after it, just because I wear weaves and extensions it isn’t an excuse to let it turn into a dry crusty mess, I need to make sure that my hair and curls pop all year round! So here is my routine to do just that

  1. Weekly Co wash & Hair Mask

Yup, I was my hair weekly! Usually I do this while my hair is in cornrows or twists to avoid tangles, I’m a huge fan of the KeraCare Range, it was always a salon favourite and so easy to pick up on lookfantatic now so I stock up on the Humecto Creme Conditioner. Alternatively I will go for a sulphate free shampoo like the Loreal Elvive Colour Protect, I love this because it is super gentle

Finally My hair lives for hair masks I like to use the Kerastase Nutritive Masque  for a deep moisture mask that leaves my hair feeling like butter.

  1. Daily routine

I say daily but I really am not that consistent! But as and when through out the week I spritz my hair with a water based spray or the Keracare Leave in Conditioner  or the As I am Leave in along with the a the butter This range is absolutely awesome I used to buy it at the hair stores so when I found it online, life had been made! (P.s This is also great on my curly hair extensions and makes the hair pop!


3. Monthly Deep Cleanse and treatment

Once a month I give my hair a deep shampoo, I use the Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Shampoo, a gentle, nourishing  formula from the brand’s natural haircare collection. And go ahead with another mask.

So there it is my hair routine in a nutshell!

  • Dressed With Soul

    I think you have very beautiful hair!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Desylvia

    I know the weekly hair wash struggle, lol. But we see it through and I’d give Kerastase products a try. You look gorgeous as always

  • I love Keracare products, always worked really well when I have my hair naturally curly! I used to have super curly hair but after years of heat styling it’s now more of a wavy texture…I wish I could get my curls back again – your natural hair looks lovely! 🙂

  • I love how much you’ve been experimenting with new hairstyles these days — you look great!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • Ada

    Our hair type is quite similar – frizzy and fine in front and kinky 4c at the back. I prefer sulphate free shampoo too. It’s very gentle and less drying


  • wow I honestly can’t believe your hair is natural. My hair is relaxed. I kept my hair in weave for about four months prior so I had a lot of re-growth and boy was it hard to maintain. I noticed I would spend an hour moisturising and greasing my hair only for it to become dry after a few moments. I definitely would like to go natural at some point but I have realised I will really need to do some research in caring for my hair first. Thank you for this post – I will definitely save it.

    HettyAsh xx

  • I need my edges to be laid like yours! They’re perfect!

    abby | http://www.caucasianlifestyle.com

  • You have a great hair routine! It is just as important to take care of your hair just like you would your skin!

    Live True London | http://www.livetruelondon.com