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It is actually so cold that at moments it hurts – but I won’t let that stop me from performing my duties. With a baby, hubby and busy schedule there are certain things that are essentials on my mum’s winter checklist. I have learnt the hard way that being prepared is EVERYTHING. If you have a baby, you know. They are the most unpredictable creatures, period. Always prepare, because anything can happen. Now that I have been through some of the learning curves I’m going to share some of the tricks I have on my checklist that might help some of my mums out there have a better winter time!


When its so cold outside it is nice to have warm air flowing through a room at night. They are honestly so amazing when the nights are cold, it makes a huge difference! One of these is definitely worthwhile having on a winter checklist.


As I mentioned, preparation is essential, and now that Grace is older we are enjoying outside activities more. Having follow on milk there, ready on the spot is actually really handy. The Aptamil Follow on Milk Ready to Drink is one of those amazing items that can make a mum’s life so much easier. If I’m out and about these bad boys are just a twist and a pour away. I honestly used to bumble around mixing follow on milk on the train, and when she is crying or fussy, the last thing I want to do is worry about having to count out how many spoons to how much water and finding a kettle. Also for those you who are going on winter breaks and maybe worried about the water, these are also an amazing option.


When it’s cold outside sometimes the little ones want to keep as cosy as possible. There is nothing worse than not being able to find a blanket when it is cold, or when the blanket decides to fall in a puddle! A key clip is a great solution to keep a blanket attached to a stroller and avoid any losses and falls into the mud. (Also you can wrap a hot water bottle in it a few minutes before the little one gets into it to make it even cosier)


You can have a very grumpy baby when it’s cold and time for a nappy change. I learnt from a family member that you can easily turn a baby wipe pack upside down on a radiator for a few moments to warm it up before it touches the babies bottom. That way it’s a lot more comfortable!


Laundry bags should be on every mum’s checklist. They are a god send and practically useful for everything. When it comes to the winter, things like gloves, socks, hats and all the little things go missing. Having a set laundry bag either in the stroller, or in a drawer, that can just be thrown into to the washing machine is a great way to make sure nothing ever goes missing. (These things are essential when it’s so cold outside!)


My baby bag is like my weapon of choice. It is always stacked and also looks quite stylish. During the winter no one has time to be fussing around and trying to Comment [VA1]: over promises – recommend rewording to ‘really handy’ find things. Now that Grace also goes to a child minder I also want to make sure it is always stocked with all she needs. So my baby bag checklist is below!

– Blanket

– Changing mat

– Spare tights, baby grow, trousers, cardigan, hat

– Boots

– Socks

– Nappies

– Wipes

– Bottle – Aptamil follow on milk ready to drink

– Sanitizer


Unfortunately sniffles and colds are part and parcel with this time of year. This means that there may be a few leaky noses, but the worse thing is when the little one’s nose gets dry and irritated from lots of wipes, actually making it worse. I like to simply have a tub of coconut oil or something lubricating and put it on a damp tissue before I apply. It really does make all the difference to those red noses!

So guys, those are some of my favourite tips and tricks when it comes to the winter season as a new mum. I really hope some of these can be added to your checklist and make a huge difference.

Ad in association with Aptamil Follow-on Milk but all thoughts and opinions are my own

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breastfeeding is best for your baby. Follow-on milk should only be used as part of a mixed diet and not as a breast milk substitute before 6 months. Use on the advice of your healthcare professional.


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    True, it’s always best to breastfeed for 1st 6 months if you can, not only is it better for babies’ digestive system and what with the host of antibodies you are blessing your child with (i.e if you’re mostly healthy), it’s been noted ( although not with vast amount of research) to reduce incidence/risk of certain illnesses at a later age

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