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I’ll be the first to admit that my hands are probably not my strongest asset but for this year I’ve told myself I’m going to look after them and put my best foot (or should I say finger) forward. For me this means ensuring my nails are immaculately presented at all (ok, most) times! So first order of the day – getting them in good condition!

After a long hiatus period, I was doing well, my nails were looking good, (SEE POST HERE) and I was regularly looking after myself. However, I gave in, I failed abysmally and added acrylics again, Oh the shame. So, once I took them off I started to feel the repercussions. I’m not sure why I did not learn the last time, but sometimes holographic coffin shaped nails are just far to ‘goals’ to pass up, but anyone who’s anyone that’s had acrylics installed, can testify of the negative impact. Currently I’m feeling more natural nails, so I’m keen to get mine back to great health. I’ve mentioned my jealousy of my sister’s talons in the past and I’m channelling my envy into fuelling my nail transformation. This is what I’ve been doing.

So, I’ve gone back to one of my favourites, Sally Hansen, tried and tested. It works. With a little consistency, I might be able to wear long nails that are all mine.

Overnight beauty treatments

New in from the Sally Hansen care range is Moisture Rehab, which helps combat that parched and thirsty look my nails had going on. It’s an overnight serum that delivers an intense deep moisture boost to hydrate and rejuvenate the nails and cuticles. Sounds lush right…? And it is! I’m using it weekly as a treatment to add back moisture to my nails after they’ve been hidden under acrylics and drying out. This is a great way long term to improve the health of my nails and prevent splitting and cracking, which is the number 1 reason why my nails don’t grow as long as they should.

Therein completes my prep; next step – colour.

Nude nails

Lucky for me, I’m in love with the Nude nail trend, nothing says classy quite like a nude nail but getting nude nails right for my skin tone hasn’t been easy. This bad boy ‘The World Is My Oyster’ from Sally Hansen is perfect. The colour is literally to die for, but that’s not the best part, it’s a Complete Salon Manicure with Keratin formula, in other words a one size fits all product of dreams. With 7 benefits in 1 bottle; base coat, strengthener (keratin), colour, top coat, gel shine and finish, you couldn’t ask for anything more from a nail polish. Except maybe up to 10 days of chip resistant wear – which it has too. Win-win!

  • I don’t know if this is popular in the UK yet, but if you want to try a lasting nail color, you need to check out SNS dipping powder! it’s goes on hard and super shiny like acrylics, but you can remove it with JUST acetone nail polish (none of the hacking and peeling and drilling that they do when removing your acrylics haha)

    just a suggestion 🙂 all that aside, LOVE the rose gold color on your nails, its gorgeous!

    xo, coco |

  • So many cute colours!x

  • I have heard of Sally Henson. I really need to invest in my nails and my nail care. I love the bronze looking colour. That’s a colour I would really rock.

    HettyAsh xx

  • Taiwo

    Great post! I’m so lazy with keeping up with my manicures.. but that rose gold colour might just change my mind!!