So 2016 was the undoubtedly the most life changing year ever for me, and also probably the most personally challenging year for a number of reasons. I learnt a lot about myself and what I really value as being important, so I wanted to break it down and share my key achievements and experiences of 2016


As I’m sure most of you know, 2016 was the year I became a mum to the most beautiful little girl – Grace. Obviously having a baby is a life changing experience, however nothing truly prepares you until it actually happens. The feeling of love, and care is overwhelming, and having a baby truly has changed me and opened up a whole new side to me I never know existed! I would be lying however if I didn’t say that with all the happiness and love also comes real challenges. Common things such as loss of sleep, regular crying and having less time for everything get tough, and on a more personal note, trying to balance work and opportunities with family/ childcare, really did take its toll on me. There were times when I did feel that I experienced post-natal depression which is another common thing to happen with new mothers. I am so grateful for my family and friends support throughout. Grace coming into my life has undoubtably been the best, most rewarding and most challenging experience of 2016 hands down!


MOMMA I MADE IT! 2016 provided me with some amazing opportunities to work with awesome brands and one of the things I really wanted to achieve was an ambassadorship role. Now I actually have two! The First being my amazing role with L’oreal (squeals!). Getting the chance to test products first, have feedback on formulations and  be in the know is just awesome. Let alone the fact that they have treated me so will during fashion weeks and so many different events.

My second is with Lookfantastic.com My favourite online beauty destination, I basically have  free reign to try products and items across the site every month and share it in a way that works for me and my viewers. I feel very privileged to have been made to feel part of the team. Going on shoot to Manchester (which will always be a special place for me since that is where my hubby and I first met) and being part of the black Friday and beauty secrets campaign has just been an amazing experience for me.


Despite being pregnant at the beginning of the year, and then having my baby, in 2016 I travelled…a lot! Off the top of my head I visited Barbados, Madrid, New York, Paris, Berlin, Scotland, Sardinia, Marrakech, Dubai, and Nigeria, in 2016. Travelling has always been something I have loved, and I am so happy that I have had these experiences. Some of the trips however have been whistle-stop work trips, and I haven’t had the opportunity to really get out and be more “present” in the experiences. This is definitely something that I plan on doing more of in 2017.


I’ll be honest, having a baby did change my body. There were a few things I wasn’t happy with prior to becoming pregnant, however after having the baby, this was increased even further. Now I totally understand that weight, size and body image is a completely personal thing, and despite receiving lots of kind and lovely comments from people on social media, to be completely open with you, a lot of it is careful angles/ positions, and lighting. For a while I enlisted a personal trainer, which went really well for a few months, until work started to build up and time was really squeezed. This year WILL be different however, I have had a long hard think about my schedule and priorities, and I’m excited to share my journey on this in coming months.


God knows what I would have done without the support of my close circle of loved ones. In particular my husband, sister and mum have really been there for me this year, helping build me up when I’ve felt down, and encourage me when I’ve needed it. 2016 really highlighted the importance of love and true friendships with family and friends. I felt as if I really wasn’t able to invest as much time and effort into the relationships with my friends as I would have liked, and this is one area that I am really going to work on in 2017.


Finally, and probably most importantly, in 2016 I lost a little bit of focus on the importance of my spirituality, being carried away and busy, meant that I barely had any time to sit back, be grateful and remember my first love. No lie this, was probably one of the biggest things to affect my well being. Towards the tail end of last year I knew changes had to be made, and just taking that time has made all the difference. I’m excited to build this foundation further this year!

So there you have it, 2016 was a truly amazing year for me, and I can’t wait to get going with my plans for 2017.

  • This is such a beautifully honest post Patricia. I’ve been following you from the very beginning and if it’s one thing I admire is your ambition, dedication and faith to everything you do.

    Happy New Year to you Grace and Mike! May your 2017 be just as amazing!

    Char xo || http://www.memoirsmusings.com

  • Congratulations on all of your achievements in 2016 Patricia! Grace is such a cutie. Here’s to another amazing year ♥

    Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk

  • Risum with Ameze

    Great post and I am sure it is amazing to look over all the stand out moments and great achievements you made in 2016!
    Ameze xxx

  • I rarely read these kind of posts but I had to read yours, child care is my number one issue trying to work as well and so I’ve been working less hours which puts a dent in my money flow but I have been cherishing the extra time with my daughter because I know once that daycare is set I will be working full time trying to get a higher position in my field. Watching you has encouraged me to want to eat better and just be a better person to myself. That’s a huge deal for me, so thank you for being you and being real. Realness is important now a days and we all appreciate the rawness of your content.

    P. S, I hope to see more mommy hacks/videos or even blog posts in the future ✌???

  • Gorgeous Patricia!

    You have achieved so much great things this year and 2017 will so much more in store for you and your beautiful family 🙂

    Heather x http://www.atelierofstyle.co.uk

  • Thanks for this post Patricia. It’s so inspiring to see all that you have achieved this year, and especially your openness about the struggles – it’s never perfect and it’s encouraging to see that it is possible to overcome these things with the support of loved ones and God’s grace.
    Beautiful summary of the year and excited to share the 2017 journey with you! ❤️


  • Another lovely article, I wish you luck for the 2017 journey.

  • Such an amazing post Patricia! You’ve achieved so many amazing things this year and it’s been a fun journey following you along the way, both on your blog and YouTube!x

    Millie x

  • You surely had a great year Patricia. I wish you the best in 2017.

  • Happy New year Pat. I enjoyed catching up with your various adventures in 2016 and look forward to whats to come this year. However, I wish you had organized a meet and greet while in Abuja. I would have loved to meet you.

    Princess Audu

  • bees in the cities

    Happy for you Pat. You deserve everything. We’re sending encouragements to you and your family from Minnesota with love ❤️

  • Kelly

    What a year!
    You’re pretty unstoppable & I admire that.

    I really need to involve myself in this globe trotting life (with friends or solo) so that’s what I’m going for this year.



  • What an amazing year – so many blessings!