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I haven’t worn my heart on my sleeve over here on the blog for a while, but today it deserves some love. One, because I’ve  finally have taken some blog outfit pictures, something I havent done in a GOOOODDDD while, (P.S I’m wearing my favourite – River Island). And two, because the season’s a changing and so am I.

Winter is here and getting right in the closet is essential (Or you end up freezing your butt off), but getting right in your mind, heart and spirit is also so important.

I’ve been doing just that, taking time to myself, having fun, going to Christmas parties and just letting loose. In this world of social media, it can all get a bit stuffy, a bit ‘instagrammy’- trying to be too perfect and actually a bit boring. And to all my non social media readers you may feel this when you are on the 9-5 grind –  it can just get a bit ‘samey’.

So I made active steps to change thing up a bit, I’ve just been hanging out and rolling with new groups of people, doing a few random things I wouldn’t normally do and it’s been amazing. I randomly ended up in the studio with a relatively large musician who shared with me the music he had coming out soon with an HUGE musician in the coming months – talk about inspiring. I speed dated with some amazing brands, and danced with the old guys at my co-working space and LOVED IT.

I feel like I’ve been breathing new air again and have a new energy and it feels nice. This rolling stone life might just be my new thing!

Talking about energy, I loved having the chance to shoot with some of my favourite blogging gals with River Island, we have an amazing post as part of the Style Tribes you can check it out HERE. We had the chance to pick some of our favourite River Island pieces for the party season, and we definitely worked it. 🙂

Jacket –HERE
Hat – HERE
Top – HERE

  • Ihirwe Rita Gloria

    I’m loving it!! Saw the time you were in the studio with Fuse ODG, it was amazing and i was sooo excited for you 🙂 Happy for your achievements this year, and i hope you reach for the stars in 2017! Love, from Canada xx

  • Hey Patricia!
    Love the jacket, it looks so snug! And the hat, as if there were tiny little snow balls on it, very cute 🙂 x

  • Eva

    love this outfit, especially the boots!

  • That beanie is cute, love it! Aha this was released on dec 15th and it’s still dec 14th here…

    come say hi:

  • The jacket looks soo comfy!x

  • Love that jacket! It’s a mix of the teddy and moto styles to create the perfect winter outerwear piece!
    xo, coco |

  • Loving these boots Patricia x

    Millie x

  • I love all of the different textures in this outfit, the shoes and the jacket are such a pretty combo!

  • Love the outfit especially the hat and the jacket. And you look amazing as always!

    A x

  • Abigail Garcia

    I love everything about this post! One day even if just in my dreams I will travel to all those places you have travel and unwine in my own success love you Patricia!

  • Olagunju Adeola

    Love your outfit ✌?

  • The colour of jacket is amazing 🙂
    From where did you get that cap ?

  • Aldemira Janeiro

    You are such an inspiration for us girls all over the world, I wish this world had more powerful and encouraging woman like you, love you a lot and may God bless you and your family a lot.
    Ps( when are you coming to Portugal)

  • The jacket looks so warm and love, love, love the beanie : ) xoxo

  • Sylvia mutuku

    That bag????

  • bunmi

    ?? even if it’s just one activity done differently on a new day, or a newly acquired knowledge, it feels energizing and calming that you’re growing ( even though you might be growing well in your daily routine too)… always looking forward to watching and reading your engaging posts and videos…
    As I’m sure many feels, its a connection of some sort, and I do hope to meet you at some point…
    I should keep reminding you to mention on this blog or YouTube when next you’ll be in New York ( I minimally use other social networks)… and it would definitely be amazing to meet you if I end up in London…

    You have such a genuine character…

    Bunmi 🙂 ??