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Trust me I’ve been there… just started uni and not a clue what to do about managing finances. When you’re worried about money as a student it can be a little difficult to get by, especially when you haven’t been responsible for looking after it before.

For today’s post I have partnered with NatWest and I have a couple of tips to share with you on keeping track with managing and maximising your money whilst at uni.

  1. Open up a student bank account. You probably already have a bank account, however there are some great benefits to opening up an account that is dedicated to students specifically.  I’ve partnered with NatWest on this and their student account is amazing. Firstly and most importantly you get an interest free overdraft. You guys know I’m not a huge advocate of getting loans and things like that, but interest free money is a great way to tide yourself over if you’re short on rent,food, or if you’re waiting for your student loan to drop. There are also other amazing benefits with a student account like this, such as discounts and offers that are available to you. The coach card for example actually gives you a 1/3rd off coach fares – an absolute God send.  We all know that city hopping to visit home (or even just for that unmissable party) is simply a must during uni.
  2. Set a budget – sounds a little cliche, but I can’t stress how essential this is. There’s nothing quite like knowing what’s coming in and going out and then setting aside money that you can use for yourself. Obviously with online banking this should make life easier to track your spend. Again with the NatWest student account you can set limits for yourself and then receive text alerts when you go over certain limits.
  3. Make some money – I know it’s all fine and dandy saving money but some of us don’t actually have jobs and money coming in. I always say get creative and use some of the talents you have to generate an income. I’m a firm believer that if you have a skill/you can make some money e.g. doing hair (which is what I did), or selling a product (buying something at a lower price and selling it for more is a great way to be savvy). I personally know people that started student cleaning company’s they bought themselves some inexpensive cleaning products and basically cleaned up after other people’s messy nights. Not for the faint hearted or those with strong stomachs but it was really simple way to build a business! Something like having an interest free overdraft would definitely help to get initiatives like this off the ground so get creative.
  4. Use your friends – not in a sleazy slimey way, just as a means to pool your resources together. For example car pooling on nights out, taxis and other expenses just makes a lot of economic sense. Study groups where you share books and sharing clothing etc are also great ideas. I know what it’s like nowadays nobody wants to be seen in the same dress twice so if you have a group of friends that you really trust why not share your items between each other, accessorize and make it work!
  5. If you’re going to shop, shop smart! – look for discounts, offers and taste cards and things that are available to you as a student. You might not realise but there are lots of grants and opportunities out there for you to make money as a student and also to make great savings!

So there you have it guys a bit of advice for money management during the best years of your life.

I’m wishing you all the best with the new school year, starting or going back to uni. Go and study hard but also enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about money! It will come in due season.

  • Silje

    Love this is, there’s some great points here. If I could go back to being a student and change something I would definitely do something that gave me an income on the side!

    xx Rapunzel

  • Mae Edwards

    Just started my second year at Birmingham Conservatoire. Had a few spending issues last year
    so I really needed this!

  • Hi Patricia!

    Thank you so much for the useful and interesting content you always publish on your blog. I’m a university student and now I’m abroad for an Exchange in France so this article is perfect for me! I also really enjoy when you talk about life and career, I’m really interested in these subjects and I always try to learn something new to be prepared to start my career after university. Can’t wait for your next post and YouTube video!


    Federica |

  • Patricia Stelmach

    Thanks Patricia, always bringing out great and useful content!! xx

  • I had a part-time job all throughout my schooling. I started working when I was 17 and haven’t stopped since (although now I’m working full-time). Budgeting is so important especially in times like these when shopping online is SO easy. I feel like a lot of young kids are getting in over their heads and have no concept whatsoever of saving and/or budgeting.

  • Ghen, ghen *in my Naija voice*! Ah, man, I wish I knew the “use my friends” tip back when I was in school. I forever trying to sort stuff out on my own. No, no, no.

    IG: maghairng

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  • Keira W

    Very useful !! Thanks for the tips Xxx

  • Ashley Northover

    Where can I get those books/notepads?

    • Sylvia mutuku

      At joandjudy

    • Sylvia mutuku

      At joandjudy

  • Sylvia mutuku

    Patty you have helped me organise my life…my finances are at A game, i maximise my income and make sure my expense is as controlled as possible. I got the jo and judy books and have everything in one book…feeling myself? having things under control is so satisfying.

  • Olagunju Adeola

    Love you so much❤ You always motivate and inspire me. Love you xx?