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Photo’s By Jay Stewart photography
Travelling to Marrakesh, was one of those experiences to remember. The heat in Morocco was on another level, and the people had a certain way that was definitely fresh to me. Regardless, I was determined to make the most of my short stay. One of the places, that was on the top of my list to visit was the infamous souks. For this day a simple vest and denim shorts were the perfect items for this weather, super airy and versatile.

Marrakesh is such a vibrant city visually, and the souks were no exception. The aromatic smells, noises and rich colours, encompasses the distinct vibe of Morocco. I spent the whole day exploring and shopping the amazing maze of souks. There was an abundance of beautiful ceramics, rugs and leather goods – how I wish I could take them home with me.

When it came to haggling I noticed that the people could come across as a little intimidating and even aggressive. Calling you with one price and then after accepting the item, telling you something completely different. This was something I encountered a few times, but I didn’t want it to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. My best tip on this is to ask about prices before even getting into a conversation, this includes taxi’s, street vendors, the henna ladies and just anything that requires parting with cash.

One of the most amazing things to pick up is the Moroccan Argan oil, honestly it is the realest deal, I only wish that I had picked up more!


  • Such a beautiful place, it is on the wishlist of places to visit! I can only imagine the amazing items you could possibly find in the souks!

    The Beauty Vow

  • Esther Imbula

    Beautiful photography, love that vest coat.x


  • Beautiful photography, I’d love to visit Morroco one day! Slay patty slay x


  • Thais Pereira

    Thanks for share your experience,Xo.

  • Thanks for the share- it’s on my places to visit. Love the outfit too Patricia xoxo

  • CozyZen

    It’s really great to see you get out of your comfort zone and do so many great and adventurers things. I find that inspiring and I would also love to visit morocco. I know for a fact that I wanna get those trendy Moroccan trellis rugs for my house. Am not sure if you saw them around and how much they cost there…


  • That bodysuit and white are just gorgeous! I totally get your experience I experienced the same thing in Egypt. The markets were so aggressive hahaha, but it was an amazing vacation!

    X, Dee

  • You look lovely in that outfit, it’s perfect for a hot day full of shopping! Your pictures are also great and we agree on making the most of your visit, even if it’s short!

    ISA Professional

  • Cute outfit! And the pictures are beautiful.

  • I’d love to visit one day. Great outfit!
    Just Abigail

  • bees in the cities

    Very inspiring Patricia. and you look a-ma-ziiing as usual.



    Loving the vibrant pictures of Marrakech! Would love to visit Morocco one day!


  • Nonye soludo

    Gorgeous pictures!



  • amira mehdi

    u look Gorgeous ! next time come and visit tunisia it’s near to marroco and i’ll be a touristic guide