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Am I the only one who often feels kind of bare without lashes? I’ve worn them for so long and always found that wearing false lashes instantly takes my eye look from a 6 to a 10. I absolutely love upgrading my overall makeup look with a glamorous flutter as my eyelashes are super short and need all the help they can get. What they do have going for them is that they are curly and dense but some additional volume gives me that extra glam.

I love my falsies but coming towards the summer and festival season, some days it would be great to give my lashes a break and keep them as natural as possible without sacrificing that voluminous, full lash look that I love. I also know that many girls find it hard, or too much of a hassle, to apply false lashes. So for the girls with the baby lashes, here are some of my favourite tips:

1. Start with a base – Applying a primer onto the lids will not only allow your eyeshadow to appear more vibrant and pigmented but it also prevents any creasing. For a smooth, even finish, make sure not to skip this step.

2. Keep the lids light – Whether you go for a matte or shimmer finish, I find that using a light coloured shadow that suits your skin tone will mean that your lashes will stand out against your lids with better contrast. I like the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette in Nude Rose?

3. Highlight your tear duct area– Using a small eyeshadow brush, add a little gold or a little glitter (or both!) at the inner corners of your eyes. This draws a dreamy attention to the eye and really makes the eyes pop.

4. Eyelash curl…backwards! – Curlers can do wonders for even the shortest lashes. Don’t be afraid! They might look like some kind of torture device but trust me, they get the job done. I was a novice at once and had an excruciating moment when the skin of my lid was once caught but I did not let that stop me – the slay must go on! For someone like me with hardcore curly lashes, using a curler backwards stretches them out and makes them look super extended.

5. Use a banging mascara! – For me, what makes or breaks a mascara is the applicator brush. I’m currently using the new L’Oreal Paris Miss Hippie mascara that is designed to give you ‘festival-ready lashes’. I love the MEGA FUZZY BRUSH with kaleidoscopic bristles which gives layer by layer coating for feathery, mega volume on top and bottom lashes.

So guys, whether you have naturally amazing lashes or short baby ones that need some love and care, these are a few tips that will keep your lashes on point, even on those falsie-free days!

  • Ada

    I’m so clumsy with falsies and I’ve never tried the eyelash curlers but there are a lot of very good mascaras from L’Oreal and Maybelline. I hope I get better with false lashes though

  • Dylana

    Sounds amazing!


  • lady j

    I go bare minimum all the time. Yes!! There are still women that prefer to wear our authentic face daily. Make-up for special occasion. I can’t see putting a layers of make-up like a mask then say I’m beautiful. My skin has to breathe…

  • Great tips! I also love adding a bit of blush to my cheeks and bronzer to the bridge of my nose to accentuate my bare face look! I’m usually in such a rush most mornings to get ready for work that this type of look is the norm for me!


  • I can’t wear falsies because I just do not know how to put them on (yes I have tried to follow many Youtube videos but just can’t get it) so I do agree that finding a good mascara makes all the difference. My lashes look amazing even with a bold eye so you don’t alway have to go light/neutral.

  • 4cInstyle

    I can never get falsies on ?
    I have many failed attempts, even glued my eyes together so I gave up
    #Forever sticking to mascara

  • Great tips Patricia xoxo

  • I have tried and tried and tried to use falsies, but I just can’t get them on! Off to look for my eyelash curler.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • Thanks for sharing such great tips
    Just Abigail

  • vanessa victor

    thanks for sharing patricia! great tips. sometimes you really dont want to go through all the hassel of applying the falsies, but thanks to your great tips i can now have voluminous natural lashes!

  • Swati

    Those are some great tips! <3 Also, here is a chance to 15 Estee Lauder lipglossess?! Click on this now

  • Sylvia mutuku

    Very useful! I don’t like falsies coz am afraid of loosing the 2 i have?, this is def going to be useful?!

  • Miracle D Conteh

    I love your blog so much