IMG_5106IMG_5090IMG_5100IMG_5417 IMG_5422 IMG_5424 IMG_5426This year, I made a promise to try and step out of my comfort zone. Embrace the unknown and be more willing to do things I wouldn’t have done typically.

You guys know I’ve been striving to improve my fitness and get that post baby body back. I have a personal trainer, who has been working me hard and the type of exercise that we usually do is very high intensity. However, more recently I tried something a little different and I liked it!

I was invited by Farfetch to try a Yogasphere class at the top of London’s tallest skyscraper, the Shard. Up on the 67th floor, with only glass separating us from the open sky, I was in awe of the incredible skyline view of London. It was the perfect sunny day, the sun created a golden glow that eliminated the room and warming the glass surrounding the class. A common misconception is that yoga is the ‘easier’ form of exercise. To my surprise it worked and flexed parts of my body, even I didn’t know I could. Unlike the more traditional form of exercise, I left feeling simultaneously relaxed and invigorated. The continuous focus on breathing and mind definitely contributed to the immense tranquility of the class.

After the class, the Farfetch team took us for breakfast. You all know that I am a big foodie, but this certainly was a breakfast that tops many I’ve had! For me, this was the epitome of ultimate bliss. Normally, my mornings are usually quite hectic especially with the baby. So this really was a nice chance to do something a little different and put me in a state of calm and full of energy to take on my day on a positive note.  

  • Wow, this would be such an amazing experience x

    Millie x

  • This looks like such a relaxing escape. I love that there’s yoga and breakfast. I think that’s a perfect combination. Thank you for sharing!

  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    What a lovely view of London! I love the Shard and yoga X

  • Yoga at the Shard looks like bliss. It is a great workout and improves flexibility.

  • CozyZen

    The kind of stretch you get out of yoga is out of this world.

  • Omg…the Breakfast!

  • My, doesn’t that look dreamy! I tried and liked yoga for a little while back in the day, but really enjoyed pilates more. It does look like it wouldn’t be hard… that is until you try it.

    Lovely photos!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • lady j

    I do do enjoy a good yoga and or Pilates session. It is good for the mind,body, and spirit. Looking forward to financial freedom soon to join a class again consistently. You are living it up my dear!

  • Queenze

    I’ve always wanted to try yoga,but from a young age,I’ve been told by my very superstitious family and friends that yoga was bad and demonic.Now I know better,and can’t wait to attend my first yoga class.