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(Photos by Jay Stewart photography) | Dress – Zara, Shoes Valentino, Bag – Chloe

Recently I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit the magical city of Marrakesh and I stayed at the
awe inspiring Four Seasons Resort. The hotel was beautiful, the design was an incredible blend of contemporary and authentic Moroccan. It was a serene oasis from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. A city saturated with culture, history and amazing architecture. Coming from the UK, the tropical heat and the rich vibrant shades of red and pink was something I definitely noticed straightaway.

I can’t remember the last time I travelled alone (as in without my husband), to be honest I was a little apprehensive. Even though I felt prepared in the sense I had everything I needed with me; I don’t think I was ready for the situation. I’m always surrounded by my loved ones and my family is always close by. However I wouldn’t change the experience of travelling by myself for the world. Without a doubt I would recommend everyone woman in a relationship to travel alone at least once. It’s surprising how much I actually enjoyed my own company and the opportunity to be alone. I know it sounds quite strange but as I am always with my husband or another member of my family but being in a situation where you don’t necessarily have close family around is certainly different. An important lesson to be learnt, there is a difference between being alone and feeling alone. At no point did I feel alone, it was the complete opposite in fact I was wholly content with my own company. The trip gave me the opportunity to slow down and focus on myself and my goals – I rarely have the time to do this, in a relationship there is always two people to think about. Another thing, my husband is the one that usually takes charge whenever we are on holiday. He is responsible for looking after the passports, even the haggling and just speaking to the locals. On this occasion, I was responsible for everything basically. I was able to survive and successfully might I add – sorry Mike! It felt amazing not having to have a discussion and negotiate on how I was going to spend my day and also great to not feel guilty about spending 1 hour doing my makeup, just to chill by the pool!

Sometimes, it’s rewarding and necessary to demonstrate your independence especially when you’re in a relationship. The holiday proved to be beneficial to my relationship, in that I appreciated my partner more especially for the things he does while we are away.

Travelling alone gives rise to a situation, where you can go out and make the most of the experience and city through your own eyes. Having your own perspective and then being able to share that experience is great. The best thing about travelling alone, you can do whatever you want on your own time schedule – no arguments about how long I take to get ready. I was able to visit a traditional Moroccan Hammam, because I made time for it and on my own terms. This was the case for a lot of the activities I did during the trip and what and where I ate, it was weird to see what things are like when there isn’t someone else to take into consideration. I found myself to be able take things at my own pace which ultimately made me feel super relaxed. There is an overwhelming sense of freedom about travelling alone. 

Obviously I love my hubby and called him every day, and the part I really enjoyed was being able to story tell and share my daily encounters with him. Plus I think he appreciated having a little man time alone!

  • I highly recommend travelling alone. I have had many solo trips around the world. It offers a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and meet other people along the journey. In fact your are never actually alone. I have just recently published a post with tips for first time solo travellers: http://www.itsallbee.com/2016/08/just-do-it-10-travel-tips-for-first-time-solo-travellers.html

  • Looking Flawless Paty . Love the outfit and sure Marrakech is beautiful
    Enjoy your day and Weekend


  • MarthaDahhling

    You look gorgeous Patty! What did you think of being a solo female traveller in Morocco? I’ve heard Morrocco can be quite daunting as a lone woman.

  • Ada

    It’s nice to enjoy your own company sometimes. It’s an opportunity to reflect on who you are and what you want. Love your cute white dress <3


  • Roarrrr

    Loved the photo shoot. Alone time is a must for sanity for me and also to recharge. As you said there is a difference being alone or being lonely. Oh did you get the hand henna done in Marrakech? Hope you vlogged your adventures.

  • Love these pictures! I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco 🙂 Also love those Valentino heels… just when I thought they were officially “out”, you totally brought them back!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • Donna

    Beautiful images
    Love the outfit

  • Emilie MANIER

    What did you do with the baby? I would love to travel alone but how do you get organized when you have kids?

  • CozyZen

    I totally get you, I actually realized that its so liberating to travel and spend time alone especially after getting married and having a baby. You can never understand it until you have a baby. I love your dress Patricia, so pretty and your killing the off shoulder trend!!


  • lady j

    I believe that we should all do many things solo!! It teaches you survival mode. The fact of the matter is at any point in life situations,loss,divorce,relocating etc can happen in one’s life. Plus,traveling solo kind of opens interaction with people,places and things that you may not be open to traveling non-solo. I hope to travel more in the near future with or without someone.?

  • Love your shoes !

  • Looking good!

    Your daily inspiration and motivation on http://www.letucc.com

  • Loved this, super cute outfit and loving the henna tattoo x

    Millie x

  • The dress is beautiful!


  • So true, I travel by myself quite often and it feels very rewarding!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  • Risum with Ameze

    Loved the photos the vibrant tiles are everything! An enjoyable read about travelling solo too!

    Ameze xx

  • Dylana

    You look amazing in that dress!!!!



  • I absolutely LOVE this post. I am a loner and love my space but I am afraid to feel alone. This year has been a challenge where I have practice depending on myself. It feels so right, even while have loved ones- to stand up and focus on me sometimes.


    Aïchatou Bella


  • “great to not feel guilty about spending 1 hour doing my makeup” Ain’t this the truth!!
    Looking gorgeous Patricia..xx

  • Pictures are perfection! It is always nice to have me time wherever you are in the world. It’s a good break for both parties, glad you had a great time : ) xoxo


  • Audrey Vunzi

    I enjoyed reading this post Patricia, especially because I believe this is true and travelling alone is something I am looking forward to doing next year! xx

  • Good idea! I’ve been thinking about travel alone on my next trip. I was little afraid at first, but i think i am ready now.

  • starjane

    Been thinking about doing this for a few years now. I’m definitely going to do it now that you’ve inspired me !

  • love your style Patricia! xx

  • This is so true and something I really need to do! I love to have a bit of me time and freedom every once in a while, and the best thing is to combine it with a trip. I’ve travelled to places alone but I was always there with people or meeting up someone. Need to do it for real sometime! http://www.kimmimadeline.com

  • Miriam Pontes

    I am currently on my third year abroad in France for university, and this is literally the first time I travelled by myself and for this long. Before I moved out I thought I wasn’t going to adapt and would struggle because of the language etc. but actually I’m doing fine and it’s actually being really good. Since I was little I was soo attached to my sister (and still am), we would go everywhere together and do everything together. Now I am learning to be more independent and enjoying my own company.
    Your pictures are awesome Patricia!

  • HettyAshAsiabee

    The shoes and the scenery! Amazing!!! Hetty http://www.hettyashasiabee.com

  • Ava

    You are looking so gorgeous in these white dress. I must say you are a dark beauty queen *