IMG_9153 A IMG_9165 A IMG_9171 A IMG_9184 A IMG_9189 A IMG_9196 AGucci Dionysus Suede Shoulder Bag                                                                                                                             

So, I have fallen in love with the Gucci Dionysus Suede Bag. I went with the blue, I adore the vibrancy of the shade and also it’s different – it’s gorgeous and the suede feels absolutely luxurious. I went for the small size, despite it being referred to as small there is more than enough space to carry all my essentials.

Camouflage Jacket                                                                                                                                                                

I picked this jacket up from Urban Outfitters, and I have been wearing it nonstop. It cost me £45,which is really good as the quality is pretty amazing. It works so well with this crazy weather, unfortunately British summer time is never predictable. It’s one of those pieces that somehow manages to work well with every outfit, which is always a good thing.

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau De Parfum                                                                                                            

Firstly, how gorgeous is this bottle? I am a sucker for pretty packaging and Tom Ford has definitely done it again. Unlike the original Tom Ford Orchid, the Orchid Soleil is the perfect companion for the summer. The notes of bitter orange, adds a citrusy freshness that you want during the warmer weather.I am not the type of person to reapply my perfume throughout the day, so it’s a good thing that this one lasts pretty much all day.

Cult Beauty                                                                                                                                                                        

I have been using the Cult Beauty site more and more, they have so many great brands! Also  they carry brands that aren’t readily available in the UK. I recently picked up the Morphe brushes and some Jouer liquid lipsticks -the Jouer liquid lipstick really wear comfortable even though they’re matte. I can’t fault the Cult Beauty service.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush:                                                                                      

This has completely changed the way I brush my teeth. For me dental hygiene is at the top of my priority list. Unlike a normal electric toothbrush, the diamond shape bristles means it covers a larger surface area. Basically it cleans more teeth quicker and more efficiently. Initially I found it to be quite rigorous, which took some time to get used to.The thing I didn’t know, was that you can change the mode to suit you. I have definitely noticed the positive effect, my teeth are noticeably whiter, and I am not complaining. Another good thing is that it has an automatic timer. In addition, I have been using the Philips AirFloss Pro. I have never been good with flossing, but this has been making it somewhat easier. The Airfloss Pro spray bursts of water into your teeth, to clean essentially between your teeth.