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Being good to yourself sounds easier than it looks, many of us are living lives that are busy, complicated and we often spend time juggling many balls, I for one know that is my life on a regular basis, however I find that I can end up feeling like a headless chicken and there are moments where I just need to take a step to strip back and really focus on ME, so here are some of the ways that I like to treat myself just like I should.


Mood boarding, is something I’ve just started doing, if I’m not clear on what I want and how I want to be treated how can I be successful at being good to myself. I love to get a range of magazines, websites and experiences to put an ideal vision of what I want my life to look like. This is a recent activity but one I know will make a massive difference to me. From how having a vision on how I want my time to be spent to how I want my body to look nothing is off limits, as they say without a vision the people perish, and I really believe it is a fundamental step to being good to ones self.


Many of you know that I’m a massive foodie, but since having a baby I’m much more focused on what I put into my body, I have started meal prepping, it helps me be more organised as well as takes up a lot less time than thinking about what to eat every day. My favourites are all thing’s grilled chicken, fish along with lots of beans, sweet potatoes and broccoli.


We all know that we should be doing this but are we, I have found that having a gym membership often meant that I had money going down the drain constantly, however having just decided on a personal trainer it has really taken my exercising experience to the next level.


My skin is something that has recently taken a back seat with me lately as my priorities have been elsewhere. But with noticeably seeing changes that I wasn’t so happy with I realised that a new routine needed to be put in place Asap. As I have partnered with NIVEA for this post, I’ve had the chance to use their new generation of facial cleansing products. My skin has always been resilient but with hormonal break outs and just a general roughness, so using a new range that gently cleanses, nourishes as well as leaving skin touchably soft is a God send.

I love the idea of having a simple skin care regimen that doesn’t require more steps then are necessary. From time to time I use acids such as glycolic and lactic to deal with my stubborn skin care issues, but obviously I can’t use these daily. With the new range from NIVEA it has been a great option for consistent cleansing that is deep but also provides touchable softness. I’ve used the makeup wipes for those lazy nights, the cream wash for a quick in shower facial wash and the lotion for a gentle cleansing massage. When my skin feels right all seems right with the world.


Finally mindfulness is my final piece of the being good to myself mantra. Taking that time in the morning, to reflect and be thankful make’s all the difference. Everyone deserves 5 minutes to take a break to reflect, don’t you think?



  • Chantal

    Great post! This new range sounds really interesting x

  • Yes to that 5 min me time to relax and reflect….

  • Donya Hardan

    Can you make a tutorial to your recent hair style? Looking SUNNING xx

  • Looking after your body is so important as well as taking 5 mins to relax which i really need to do more!

  • Loving this post Patricia, I definitely believe that looking after you skin is one of the most import steps as well as eating healthily x

    Millie x

  • I’m definitely in a place where I am too busy atm to see how exactly I want my life to be five years down the line. Creating a moodboard seems like a great way to have the ‘lifestyle’ I want.

  • Great tips! Taking care of yourself is very important!

  • This reminds me of the vision board I made earlier this year. Sadly I had to chuck it as I was moving overseas. I might just do another one soon. Looking great Patricia!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • Zed

    I definitely understand the headless chicken analogy because I feel like that when work starts to pile up and organisation gets thrown out of the window. Taking time out is key.
    The Medic Mind

  • I watched the video component to this post yesterday and after reading this post, I am fully convinced that I need to get on top of creating a vision for the life I want through a moodboard. Thank you for the inspiration. Also, trainer lol. I love the way you treat yo’ self!

  • Winfred

    Eating well is definitely important when it comes to treating ourselves as number 1. It can also have a toll on how our skin and body looks. So I agree with what you’ve said there. Plus mood boarding was what I started last year. But I’m going to keep up with it as it definitely helps. Btw I’m absolutely in love with your pictures. You’re a great V/Blogger, and I’m sure you’re an excellent wife and mother.

  • SG SG

    Fab post. please for your depop username. Can’t find you on depop

  • Watched the video and still stopped by to read the post! This is sooooo helpful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing because we all need a nice reminder.


    Aïchatou Bella

  • lady j

    Please.. you have your mom helping and many others to organise and do things for you. No shade.. I give you kudos for achievements that you have obtained.

  • I’m terrible when it comes to looking after myself, especially when it comes to healthy and exercising! I hate exercise and the idea of signing up for a gym, but I’m researching into simple exercises to do at home just to get it out of the way.

    Lizzie Bee //

  • Isn’t it ironic how pretty and refreshing healthy food always looks? Why, then, do I still eat nasty food? LOL
    I don’t know, I’ve created moodboards/vision boards in the past and I’ve found them to be a waste of time… Think I’ll have to try it again?

  • HettyAshAsiabee

    The vision board is spot on. I first heard about doing something like this at my church. Never thought of it before but it’s really useful, handy and inspirational. It keeps you going and focused on your dream. It’s the first time I’ve heard someone say that they create vision boards outside of my church. (fashion, lifestyle, baby trends, entertainment, God and motivational inspiration)

  • I’ve never tried a vision board before, but defo going to get one going now!

    All the best P

  • Phyllis Coriolan

    A mood board ! Definetly a must ! Great Inspo Pat! as always ! Love from Canada xox

    • Toya Queenin

      I use Pinterest for my board

  • Toya Queenin

    Lovin your blogs hunni. I have been watching you on youtube for about five years and very proud of you.. U inspire every area of my life so thanks for sharing! Xoxo?

  • Linda

    I have not yet tried mood boarding because i just moved out of my aunt’s apartment and i’m settling in to a new place. How does it work?

  • Faida Lumbeku

    Great tips. Thank you Patricia.

  • I loved reading this so much! I’m new to your blog and I love the focus you put on self love and care. Taking time for yourself is so freaking important, and when I don’t set aside time for myself… oh honey it is not good. So well spoken 🙂 xoxo Laur