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I thought todays post would be a great way to give a nod to Germany for it’s greatness, it’s famous engineering, and precision at this time, as well as sharing a few more pictures from my amazing time in Berlin.

So, a little honestly – my life has currently been a constant state of fire fighting, chasing my tail, catching up and just a whirlwind of tiredness and coffee. I know it’s hard to believe for all of you who know me well, but with a new baby, it has thrown me out of kilter! My business and work is growing at an exponential rate (I cant wait to share with you what will be happening over the next few months) , which is great but some times I dont know wether I am coming or going. However while in Germany I noticed a distinct dedication, to time, excellence and politeness from everyone, and I’ve thought back to how famed the Germans are for their engineering and precision. So I’ve noted 3 things that are important to have this in my day to day.

Time Management– it has got to be respected, if you dont use it you loose it! Boi how true this is, I have wasted so many hours, with a little Netflix here, a little Instagram there, minutes turn to hour’s and I look at the clock and I wonder where the whole day had gone. I ask myself why haven’t I done any of the work that I had planned to? I get racked with guilt and get upset with myself and it creates a whole negative cycle. So I’ve started setting alarms through out the day, alarms for feeds, playtime, reading, working, scrolling the internet, eating, email & more. My phone is loaded with alarms and notes, but I dont mind, compartmentalising moments really makes a big difference with time management and it’s also a great way to see were time is being wasted.

Consistency – This is key, repetition, repetition repetition. As boring as this sounds it makes a difference. It is well documented that 10,000 hours is what it takes to become an expert in anything, and to do that a routine is needed. Consistently doing the same thing will help your body and brain know what is going to happen next and allows for a smoother life without too many surprises or disorder. This is known for those trying to get the perfect bod, working out consistently is key, eating similar meals is necessary. The same applies to babies I’m sure my mothers know that they have a happier baby when on a routine and knowing that sleep or a meal is coming soon will mean less tears. This for me is one of the hardest part but that is why the next point is the icing on the cake.

Dedication – Being dedicated to follow through with any thing you do takes will power and a lot of faith! Our chimp brain would rather avoid anything that is a ‘difficult’ and would rather bum out on a sofa sucking eggs and watching Netflix.  However, the great thing about dedication and consistency together, is that change will slowly but surely come things will get easier and soon these things will become second nature.

Hopefully your inspired to kick your butt into gear and there is always a chance to do that for everyone. PS if you go to Berlin you have to try Currywurst its delicious!

  • I agree especially with consistency. Often times when we don’t see results, like with exercise, we give up too early. Repetition is the mother of success. Great post and what a sweet nod to Germany after yesterday’s atrocities x


  • LeMarie

    Good article, valid points. A lot of realism here. Appreciate the honesty. ?

  • ashley winbush

    Thanks Patricia. I just had the worst day of the year yesterday and this has already sparked a fire beneath me. Thanks for always being honest and enlightening me when I need it the most <3

  • Oldbutfunkyable

    Great post Patricia, all valid points. It is so easy to procrastinate and put things off until tomorrow, later or next week. I’m going to set some alarms on my phone right now.

  • Kat

    Patricia, Germany is an amazing place. I lived and worked there when I was 19/20-22 and it was the best experience – I learnt a lot and I loved the lifestyle, efficiency and warmth of the Germans. As a mum to a 1yr old, it does throw you a curve ball (the most adorable one) and some things do get easier and others more challenging in some ways as they grow, but hey, it’s helped motivate me and I can see Grace is bringing you a lot of joy and motivation, too! x


  • Great post Patricia! I seem to do well everything else but sleep. I am sleep deprived currently.

  • Ah, I was just complaining how I have so little time to do anything, and yet, I spend a good chunk of time windowshopping online when I could really spend it doing something productive XD Bumming out to Netflix doesn’t help either! The idea of alarms sounds like a great thing to try though.


  • Natalie O

    Very lovely article. You are an inspiration Patricia. 🙂

  • Toni Oguntula

    Great post, I was feeling the same recently!
    P.s what does sucking eggs mean? Lol

  • SG SG

    Fab post. please for your depop username

  • Great post!


    Aïchatou Bella


  • Patricia,
    I really appreciated the gems of wisdom provided in this post. Germans certainly do know how to execute excellence.
    However, the fashion blogger in me is interested in your outfit- particularly the camo jacket and jeans. Details please?

  • Great tips and agree with all 3.


  • I absolutely love your outfit ❤❤❤

  • Olagunju Adeola

    Great advice ❤

  • ritso mercy bulus

    I needed to read this right now