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So this might seem like a random train of thought, and hard to believe from someone who has the following that I have, but this is something I have felt from time to time, and actually I remember at moments like this.

Insecurity affects those in all ranges of achievement, and as a blogger/vlogger/creator, I’ve sometimes felt ‘un-recognised’ by my industry peers and institutions. I have the greatest subscribers and followers who shout about me from the roof tops and always have my back (Y’all are badass-amazing!) but there are times where in this world I feel like I am on the peripheries looking in, head pressed on a glass window, while everyone boogies down at the shindig I wasn’t invited to.

Now rather then having a pity-party, and thinking “woe is me”, I am the type of person who reflects and analyses. Is it due to inconsistency, bad quality, or just not being ‘out there’ enough? When I find that none of these are the reason however, it can be a bit disheartening.

Now I actually don’t write this post just for myself, but because I’m realising that this is the case for SOOO many people, wether it is at work, or school, or amongst a team or within a family some of us are just not getting the ‘recognition’, we think we deserve.

Having just been nominated for a Stylight award in Germany, I was shocked to have been picked from all the people in the UK and other bloggers out there. The likes of Zanita and Kristina Bazan, had been past nominees and winners, so of course I felt apprehensive and almost like…why would I be nominated?

Amongst the other nominees, I had been picked by industry professionals, and I was truly amazed because again, I always thought I wasn’t ‘seen’. Although I didn’t win, and when my name and footage was shown no one in the crowd had a clue who I was (awkward moment – lol), I gave myself a stellar round of applause. Not just because I had been nominated, but because I keep going even if I think no one is watching.

So, I just wanted to write this to give some of you a little motivation/inspiration. To understand that although it might seem hard, and there may be moments where you just feel like no one is seeing the effort you are putting in (They probably aren’t), it’s more important to remember to challenge oneself not based on who is watching. Instead pursue all endeavours with excellence, stay in your own lane and be true and consistent no matter the outcome. Also being the only one who gives yourself that round of applause, even in the most embarrassing way is OK!! xx


  • Once again very inspiring. As a newly blogger I know I have a lot to learn and can only get better, with inspiring people around me and in the industry such as yourself. And you totally deserve to be at the shindig. Well done for your nomination a big congratulations, yes to loud claps for yourself : ) xoxo

  • Thank you for writing on this. I’ve been feeling like this since I started blogging and everyone else seems to be making strides. It can be disheartening but like you, I’ve realised that it’s important to focus on what I’m doing, keep improving and yes clap for your damn self 😉

    Side note: you look amazing and keep on keeping on with yuh bad self. You inspire alot more people than you realise x

  • Céline Mademoiselle

    I’m so proud of you ! Your journey is more than inspiring.
    I was talking about you with my boyfriend the other day. You are a young african woman living in the UK. You started from the bottom now you here thanks to your dedication, your passion and your hard work. You are also an inspiring business woman.

    You inspire me to be better and to do better.
    I’m pretty sure that you are a role model to a lot of young girls out there.
    Thanks to you, we know that it’s possible. We should not be afraid to dream big.
    They didn’t know you in that room in Germany. The most important thing is, WE know you and you inspire us.

    May God bless you more and more Pat !

  • I’ve been feeling very unmotivated because of this and I’m so glad I read your post today! I’m gonna try and just keep going no matter what!! you look amazing xx

  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Congratulations on the nomination. It’s true that no matter who you think is watching (or not at watching) because one day you’ll be recognised for your achievement, especially in a saturated space such as blogging! I was recently given the honour of being top 7 mummy bloggers and I couldn’t believe it…but I’m still in shock when I see people reading my blog! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations hunniee trust me we all know that feeling And you couldn’t have summed it up any simpler. Keep doing you in your lane.. Xoxo
    PS: you look amazing x

  • Congrats! The dress looks amazing on you, the colour looks great!

  • Wow, congratulations on the nominee! We’re always our own worst critics, it seems. I’ve been watching you on YouTube for a few years now and have always loved the content you put out, and honestly, I only watch a handful of beauty / fashion YTers. Great words of wisdom for any industry 🙂

  • You nailed the look Patricia, and I enjoyed watching your Snaps on the day. Congratulations on your nomination. Thanks for sharing your inspirational post. It comes at a time when I’ve been hard on myself.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • We all have those moments and I try to be ‘my biggest cheerleader’

  • Eva

    Congrats on the nomination lovely! Really enjoyed reading such an encouraging post 🙂

  • Love this! As a blogger who is currently trying to build my audience, I can definitely relate to this! Starting something from scratch is hard, but when you enjoy it, it’s worth the work and effort. 🙂 It’s great that you got nominated. Your style is great! Keep up the amazing work and I know even more nominations will continue to follow!


  • Dooshima Williams

    Congratulations!!! This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m have a blog and sometimes I ask myself is all this work worth it? What if it doesn’t pick up or no one cares about it? This was super inspirational and what I needed to keep going no matter what. Thank you <3

  • lady j

    Everyone is being a being a blogger,vlogger, and having a u tube channel! It’s becoming an overkill!!! Folks live your life being present. Nevertheless, Patricia you and many others have been making a good living with it. So.. ride it and stay in your lane till the wheels fall off.

  • I love this post, I think that it is ringing true for a lot of people at the moment too 🙂

    Being a bit of a newbie to the scene and only just seeing the blog pick up, it’s nice to hear that even people with the amount of following that you have feel the same way! It does sometimes feel like you are talking to yourself, so it’s lovely when you get a bit of recognition!

    I’m SO pleased for you and your Stylight nominee! Sounds like it was just what you needed 🙂 and I think I can speak for all your followers when I say that we can all tell how hard you work Patricia. Keep it up, hard work does always pay off <3

    Heather x

  • You are amazing and such an inspiration mumma!

    Liza Prideaux

  • Taylor

    I just want to say that I feel this post. There have been so many times when I will ask my beauty/fashion obsessed friends if they’ve heard about you and there’s always like no….It’s infuriating especially when the people they follow are on the same level if not lower than you (no shade, just truth). Just keep shining girl!

  • Claudia M (Claudia Explains It

    Love this post and definitely needed this read tonight! You’re amazing and have loved watching you and Mike over the years!! Can’t wait to see more content from you and see Grace grow over the next year!

  • Girl, I see you 🙂 Great post!

  • Oh Patricia, thanks for actually having the courage to write this post.
    One thing I love about you is how you always keep it real.
    You truly are an inspiration and a beautiful person (inside and outside).
    So keep rocking girl, keep slaying. You deserve it because you worked hard for it. 🙂
    PS: You look absolutely amazing in this soft pink dress.
    Love from France.

  • Lovely piece Pat! Consistency and persistence is key

  • Rossana

    Patricia what a great post here! first of al, congrats for your nomination at the awards event, I think we have to celebrate every single step in our journers. and you know what? just keep doing what you love the most and the revenue will come naturally! cheers.

  • Tinacoletteblog

    Gotta always pat yourself on the back Pat. You have no idea how many of us you inspire. Me being first. I am finally living my truth and I love you because each time I thinkof who I aspire to be as a social influencer, nah only you babygirl! Your efforts are recognized and in due time will be rewarded hugely. Keep at it girl! Ps… Slaying that peach cape yaaaassss!

  • Mishannie

    Congratulations on your nomination! I have recently started blogging and one of the bloggers I easily came across from browsing through social media was you, so whatever you are doing it is working so just keep moving forward. Sometimes popularity and trends drown out the hard work, the hustle and successes. From reading some of your blog posts I think you have the right idea and a great head on your shoulders but I can understand the frustration as you have been doing this for more than a few years, I sometimes feel that frustration and I am just a few months in. Just keep your self ready to receive all your blessings, you have to be ready…as when the smoke clears and the dust to settles there you will be ready to claim what you have worked so hard on.

    Keep the great posts coming…

  • The Yana Life

    Love this post!! Truly inspirational. This is the main reason I always back back down from doing what I really and truly wish to do. At the end of the day you have to be your own cheerleader even when no one thinks you are deserving!

  • SG SG

    Lovely dress. My bum will take half of the material

  • Bernadette Adewale

    First of all, you look STUNNING! Secondly, I enjoyed this read. I too can relate to this! x

  • Joline

    That dress looks beyond amazing on you! xo

  • I love that bag!


  • Love that you shared this with us. I guess we’re only humans right? Love your outfit btw x


  • Sindiso Moagi

    Enjoyed reading this post as always. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mufaro Simango

    Wooow this is so inspiring and motivating

  • Patricia this is such a honest post that I know many people can relate too. As followers we love your content and engaging with your personality, congratulations on the nomination! 🙂 You deserve that and more xx


  • Nailed it!

    Life is really about being your own cheerleader and you expressed that fabulously through this post.

    As always.


  • Thanks for sharing. i can totally relate to this

  • such lovely and encouraging words and yo look amazing as always.

  • Life.stylespiration

    I love that you are extremely hardworking and you keep doing whatever you have to do whether or not people are watching, you are my inspiration, I love you.

  • C Colibri

    I love the honesty in this post Patricia. Thank you for sharing although you didn’t have to. The humour and personality that you inject into your videos and blogs is what keeps me following, as well as the ‘realness’. Everything happens for a reason, and your time to shine will come. You have achieved so much already!

  • Toni Oguntula

    Love this! And plenty of people are watching how far you’ve come you’ve done amazing for yourself! Well done for getting nominated you’re an inspiration 🙂

  • I can totally relate to this post, I am not a popular blogger (YET) so I can totally understand this struggle. Congrats on your success-continue to strive!


    Aïchatou Bella

  • Kadian N.

    I love this post a lot, because I feel that way sometimes. I just have to remember that hardwork reaps success.

  • Bridget Opoku

    I am thrilled my your words of inspiration.l’m new to blogging and will be emulating your steps. I will glue to your page for more insight.

  • This is so motivational, to know that even someone as successful as you. I often find myself wanting to do something for that recognition, but you’re right. Even if you don’t get recognized the steps you take will pay off in the future. You’re working on yourself, developing skills etc. all very important steps that take place behind the scenes. I try to remind myself that all the big bloggers were once small and that no one saw the struggle they went through to get to where they are today. There weren’t born in the spotlight, they worked diligently through the dark to get to where they are now. Thank you for the reminder Patricia! Just what I needed. <3

    X, Dee

  • Vanessa

    Ah thank you for the inspiring words. You are a Gem!

  • bunmi

    Patricia, you know, sometimes we say, what a small world… it is true a lot of times but then the opposite is also true, that it is a very big world we live in.
    So many people know and recognize you and more importantly is the fact that you actually contribute significantly to most of the lives that encounter you.
    Although you went to a location where most people may not know you, i like that you acknowledge that you got there, and now the people there would start knowing you… this is all part of your journey… Enjoy it, treasure each moment and the so-so moment is only for that moment, it passes.


  • Prettypeach Blossom

    Just need inspiration so very true and i think everyone goes through moments when we feel like this. Thank you for sharing Patricia ?

  • Chinelo Okoli

    Congrats on your nomination. I totally get you and know this feeling to well. I just get on with it and no pity party here.

    Nelo’s Halo Blog -Finding positive ways to deal with emotions

  • Nicolle Pasquel

    Amazing Patricia! I’m going to start my own blog sometime this week. I’m super nervous but I talk so much I think that this would be a great way for me to communicate with other people because I love to communicate. Congratulations on your nomination. I came across you on the Nikki Perkins vlog and I absolutely adore you. I love your energy and your consistency. Now that’s one thing that I have a problem with is consistency but I really think that’s because I haven’t found the lane that I’m supposed to be in but best believe when I find it I’m on go all the way. You make me smile keep being positive! 😉

    • Greta Lamfel

      Welcome to the blogosphere! I started a bloggers Facebook group to give blogging tips and help bloggers to connect with each other. Group is called Blogger Tips. Hope to see you join.

      • caroline martin

        Hi Greta, will definitely join the group. I want to start a blog about marriage and am not sure how to go about it. Thanks

  • Felicia-Juliana

    Beautiful post Patricia, wow congrats on your nomination xfjx