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So this might seem like a random train of thought, and hard to believe from someone who has the following that I have, but this is something I have felt from time to time, and actually I remember at moments like this.

Insecurity affects those in all ranges of achievement, and as a blogger/vlogger/creator, I’ve sometimes felt ‘un-recognised’ by my industry peers and institutions. I have the greatest subscribers and followers who shout about me from the roof tops and always have my back (Y’all are badass-amazing!) but there are times where in this world I feel like I am on the peripheries looking in, head pressed on a glass window, while everyone boogies down at the shindig I wasn’t invited to.

Now rather then having a pity-party, and thinking “woe is me”, I am the type of person who reflects and analyses. Is it due to inconsistency, bad quality, or just not being ‘out there’ enough? When I find that none of these are the reason however, it can be a bit disheartening.

Now I actually don’t write this post just for myself, but because I’m realising that this is the case for SOOO many people, wether it is at work, or school, or amongst a team or within a family some of us are just not getting the ‘recognition’, we think we deserve.

Having just been nominated for a Stylight award in Germany, I was shocked to have been picked from all the people in the UK and other bloggers out there. The likes of Zanita and Kristina Bazan, had been past nominees and winners, so of course I felt apprehensive and almost like…why would I be nominated?

Amongst the other nominees, I had been picked by industry professionals, and I was truly amazed because again, I always thought I wasn’t ‘seen’. Although I didn’t win, and when my name and footage was shown no one in the crowd had a clue who I was (awkward moment – lol), I gave myself a stellar round of applause. Not just because I had been nominated, but because I keep going even if I think no one is watching.

So, I just wanted to write this to give some of you a little motivation/inspiration. To understand that although it might seem hard, and there may be moments where you just feel like no one is seeing the effort you are putting in (They probably aren’t), it’s more important to remember to challenge oneself not based on who is watching. Instead pursue all endeavours with excellence, stay in your own lane and be true and consistent no matter the outcome. Also being the only one who gives yourself that round of applause, even in the most embarrassing way is OK!! xx


  • This was an amazing post. I feel encouraged and motivated to do more and be better. It’s okay if no one is watching because you yourself is watching. The come up will happen eventually. It’s good to just focus on yourself and do what you can to make your vision a reality.
    I love your youtube channel as well. Baby grace is adorbs

    • Greta Lamfel

      So true right?

  • deborrahm

    I agree with you hold hearted and congratulation on the award.

  • Greta Lamfel

    Patricia, I’ve been watching you on YouTube since forever and only found your blog today. Thank you for this heartfelt post.

  • I really needed to hear this thanks alot patty ?

  • April Okwuobasi

    Love this post Patricia, as a fellow blogger I can relate. definitely spoke to me

  • Absolutely loved this post Patricia!
    I can relate and I’m grateful for your advice. <3
    Keep being great! 🙂

  • caroline martin

    Great post, as women I think we all go through that kind of feeling. The most important thing you have to do is not to give up but continue pressing on.
    Thank you for sharing

  • I can relate so much to this post!

  • prashant singh

    Wow cool!

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  • TheMealPrepQween

    This is such an inspirational post! Thanks for sharing your infinite wisdom love!