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So you may or may not have seen my last post in relation to my nails where I talked about my struggle to keep them looking great. In case you missed it, here’s a little recap: I’ve always envied my sister for her hand model status and her perfectly naturally grown nails. My nails, on the other hand, have never reached their full potential due to overall lack of proper care. Over the years, excessive use of acrylics has caused my nails to become so thin and brittle that as soon as they start to grow they chip and break.

So I’ve taken matters into my own hands (literally) and have decided to properly care for my nails. I love the idea of being able to do this from the comfort of my home without having to visit the nail salon every two weeks, while getting salon quality treatments. Having already used the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel range, I was given the opportunity try the nail treatment collection. It’s all great having gorgeous polish to cover haggard looking nails but it’s definitely important to have a good base to work from.

To treat my nails, the following products were suggested:

  1. 7-in 1 Nail treatment A base and top coat – made for growth and strengthening, brightening, and moisturising and infused with nail nurturing ingredients like avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract and, of course, calcium.
  1. Nail Growth Miracle – A salon strength treatment that is meant to encourage faster nail growth – 30% longer nails in 5 days. This product is definitely right up my alley as maintaining growth is my biggest issue. I’m still in the trial period but I’ll definitely do an update of what kind results I got.
  1. Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser and Balm – A dual treatment designed to remove excess cuticles and hangnails while conditioning and moisturising. This treatment includes soothing ingredients like white tea and cucumber.

The first thing I noticed was that I had instant shine with the Nail Growth Miracle product. I also liked the fact that it was fast drying. It’s meant to be applied daily so for someone like me who is impatient, I’m able to apply and keep it moving without spending 10 minutes every day waving my hands around in an attempt to get the product to dry.

The real question is: are my nails longer. The answer is so far so good!

Having wanting to be really true to the product I kept a good eye on how they were looking and I can truly say, they haven’t broken since I started using, they have major shine and seem extra strong!

The 7- IN – 1 is also a nail treatment but also a base and top coat which helps with filling in ridges and helping to strengthen nails. Boy, did it give me great shine on top of my polish as well as really allowed my polish to last and prevented chipping.

Finally, the Cuticle Eraser. I’ll be honest with you, I have great cuticles. Rarely do they ever get raggedy so this product was more of treat for me than something I needed to have in my nail kit. However, if I’m going to go give myself those at home treatments I might as well go all out. I really did enjoy using the balm as the creamy finish left my nails feeling extra smooth and moisturised. I can totally see the worth of this for someone with cuticles that are more troublesome.

Overall, I’m definitely impressed with the quality of the Sally Hansen range of products. From the polishes to the top coats and treatment products. They seem to be a cut above many in the nail department, but that’s probably why they are so well known and sought after. I’ve always been a satisfied customer and will continue to purchase.

I’m going to continue with the growth treatment and 7-in-1 but I do love to play with lots of colours. Hopefully I can grow my nails to rival my beloved acrylics, so keep your eyes peeled, and pull me up if you see me with plastic nails again!

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  • lady j

    Natural and proper maintenance of our overall health is still always the best choice. I stopped relaxing my hair, never wore weaves or extensions,fake nails,smudge of make-up. God has already provided us with everything. We just get duped by society of how we should look. Fake!! I’m sticking with what I have and maintaining it.

  • Megan Clarke

    I always use Sally Hansen, it’s a brand I really trust, especially with nail care!

  • Dooshima Williams

    I tried acrylics once and never again. They were such a pain to take off and they left my nails chipped and fragile. I really want to start taking better care of my nails, I don’t really do much with them. I was thinking of going to a salon once a week but I know that can be pricy. Let me see how SH works for me.

  • Sally Hansen is a true staple, my mum before me used it, so guess what imma keep using it! : ) oxox

  • Sindiso Moagi

    I have had the same struggles with keeping my nails on point but now I have given up on putting nail Polish on cos it just chips off on the very next day. Hopefully in the coming months I will try again. By the way great post as always.

  • Natural nails that slay!
    Thank you for this post, it’s pure gold!


  • Tinacoletteblog

    Sally Hansen has always been a good nail brand. Great feature Patricia. The pic is gorgeous

  • LC

    Love white or cream nails at the moment! I usually buy OPI but will try Sally Hansen! I used to have one of their french manicure kits that was really good. Fab blog xx

    Love LC

  • hanan abdi

    I’ve also been loving Sally Hansen especially this summer, love the post xx

  • love Sally Hansen and they look so good on you!