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Graces – Blue Set, Denim Shift Dress, Peach Leggings, Floral Set
Me – Black Dress – Old, Denim top, Jeans
Well well, here we have someone fresh and new around these parts. Usually I keep the little one away from the fashion blog, but seeing as we shared our first holiday together and she was looking particularly fashionable; I knew it was time for Grace to make her first appearance.

8 weeks in and I will say it has been a journey with the little one, I will have to dedicate a full post to motherhood at some point but I am honestly still just learning the ropes.However, there is nothing more that I enjoy over travelling the world with people I love. I’m so glad I have had the chance to keep doing that since becoming a mother and now I have an addition then I also get to dress up in the process.

Traveling somewhere close was essential with a new-born, with her being so small I knew that a long flight was something that I didn’t want to try so early on. However she was an actual star, WE found it fairly stressful but she maintained her composure, and sleepy eyes the whole journey.

From what I can garner from an 8 week old, she had a great time, honestly sharing with us the most gargles, smiles and smirks that we have seen on her so far. (These weren’t gas related). We also realised she is a fish. She’s nothing like her mother in regards to being virtually afraid of water that reaches a little above torso, she seemed in awe when carried into the water with her dad. Unfazed by the cold splash and saltiness, she went into a happy trance, and once taken out…the tears flowed. I can’t wait to enjoy more experience with her just like this.

Now lets talk about her outfits, because the cuteness factor is on 100! River Island were kind enough to partner with us, and provided Grace with so many pieces. As they have been one of my favourites for a long time, I was so happy to see that they had a kid’s collection from 3-12yrs, mini from 0-5yrs and even had a selection for newborns.

The collection is amazing and really seems inspired by nostalgic, breezy summer days. They have great basics with fashion forward updates in pops of colour for little fun seekers, honestly all I wanted to do was dress her up each day. Comfort factor is also important for a New born, wriggle room and quick changeability is a must, and If I do say so they had these on lock.

This blue two piece was my favourite and with it’s gorgeous hue and delicate white embroidery, I saw it and new it would look perfect on her. It was quick and easy to get on, as there weren’t too many fiddly buttons, and Grace looked a picture.

The second look was a simple super soft cotton jump suit. Obviously floral are one of the great trends for summer, and she was clearly feeling herself by flashing a rare smile on queue.

So far so good, 1 trip down, and I am sure there are many more to go, I honestly cant wait, and of course I will be dressing her up as much as I can!

River Island is renowned for its stylish, affordable fashion and the unique touches they apply to their collections help them to stand out from the rest of the High Street. RI Kidswear and Mini ranges continues to reference the adult mainline collections, although each piece is designed with every little fashionista in mind!