Well, well well, I’m currently posting from the island of Sardinia just off of the coast of Italy, and I must say it feels good. As you know travelling has always been my vice, so being back at it since the little one has felt amazing.
I have basically made everyday my own private catwalk show, I seem to have a new found confidence and I am of the mantra ‘ if you don’t use it you might loose it’. So yes, I have been that woman in the hotel sashaying in heels while everyone else is pretty casual in shorts and T’s, but I have been loving it.
Now, I’m not body ‘perfect’ (if there is such a thing), however I cannot lie – black  hides a multitude of sins. I had been shying away from any thing bodycon, but this time around I thought that I would wear this little number with pride. This dress is an oldie, but a goodie, and I have really focused on just going through my old collection and making it pop with accessories. Ever since working with WearPureCoture I honestly make a more conscious effort when it comes to my fashion and clothing choices.
So for those of you who might feel like you can’t wear certain things or shapes, trust me, just go with black and you will always look and feel good.
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