3 4There’s always been one thing I was jealous towards my sister for, trivial as it sounds, it was her long slender fingers and even longer nail beds with unbreakable nails. She honestly has nails that make nail technicians cry, and people stopping her in the street and asking her ‘what’s your secret?’ ; they are literally perfect and I don’t say that about much.

Myself on the other hands, I have those long nobbly fingers that are wrinkly , ‘well used’ and just never have that smooth glossy finish like hers. I also did not have the patience of a saint to grow my nails, and in frustration I refused to treat them well. From nail biting, rough filing, acrylics and other treatment they have honestly been through a lot. After my last stint with acrylics as amazing as they looked when on, I just knew that these were awful for my natural nails. Every time they came off it seemed like they had been through the wars, they would break all the time, thin, chipped and just poor. I know many of you have had the same experience with these.

I then moved on to Celac. Considered to be a much more gentle treatment that could be done at the salon. I honestly loved the quicker process and the long lasting colour and shine, however I hated the fact that I had to be a slave to the salon for take on, and off. Also my nails didn’t seem to be in much of a better condition, if any thing they were just as bad. I did this for a while and eventually just decided I’m going to go natural!

Right now my nails are the longest and strongest they have ever been and I’m loving it, I also love the fact that I don’t have to go to the salon, spending tonnes of money and then being limited to one colour for the coming weeks.

So playing with polish has been my new thing, and I have had the chance to find literally an amazing nail product that I wish I had in my life a long time ago. Cue Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Colour and Volume Top Coat. This product is AMAZING. And I’m not just saying because this post is in partnership with them.

Long lasting just like a salon finish, dries quickly like a celac, but can come off with a normal nail polish remover and comes in an array of colours.
I tried this on thinking it would behave in the way ‘normal’ polishes behave, needing 2 or 3 coats, a top coat, and 20-30 minutes to dry while shaking my hands frantically. This is not the case, this acted a lot more like my salon treatment, a little thicker with the application (So be careful!) which in moments seemed dry to touch, with 2 coats of the top coat, that acts like a seal, but without needing the UV treatment. So within 5-10 minutes I’m done, dry and ready to go. Not only does the polish lasts for a seriously long amount of time without chipping like traditional nail polish, but it’s helping keep my real nails in check. So I’m in love, with my natural nails and a polish that has them looking their best for ages.

  • Everyone keeps going on and on about these polishes! I guess I have to try them out to see what all the hype is about!

    ps. your nails look fab!

  • I love the coral shade!! Perfect for summer! x

  • That colour is amazing! All the nail polishes that I get never really last that long but this one sounds like it’s really good quality x

  • Love this colour on you P x

    Millie x

  • Rasheeda Nae

    Your nails look great! I need to stop wearing acrylics too :(( but they are so addictive.

    I will definitely be trying out these nail polishes though!

  • I love these Sally Hansen gel polishes. Plus the brush applicator makes it really easy to paint your nail beds neatly. I gave up on the salon after discovering these!

    xo Christina

  • If it’s one thing I love it’s giving myself a mani and pedi. I have never been to a nail salon, I actually love the process of doing my own nails, though I should treat myself one day! Like you, I wished I had long slender fingers but instead have wrinkly short sausages : / AND if that don’t take the mick I’m blessed with ski nails (they grow curved up instead of down). Not as dramatic as it sounds, scary I know, I was born weird!

  • I absolutely love this range by Sally Hansen. It truly stays on nails for a very long time + shiny x
    Yukova by Yuliya Oleynykova