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So I’ll say it… I’m carrying around a little extra ‘timber’ on my current frame.

Hardly noticeable to those who don’t know me, but my jeans are a little extra snug, my tops have a little more cleavage and my stomach has a little more hang. These are things I know I want to work on, and will change, but I’m not in going to rush the process. However during this transition period I still want to have some style and make it work and I know this is an a experience that many women go though, from those on a weight-loss journey, those impacted by motherhood and others who just seem to fluctuate.

When I put this look together, I kind of gave myself a nod in the mirror and realised I look good and felt great, so I thought of the reasons why and wanted to share these today.


There is nothing like not having to suck in, tuck back, squish and squash. I’ve realised that a button down shirt is the best for those wanting to look stylish but feel comfortable. This shirt is from Zara, in a gorgeous cotton fabric that feels great on the skin and gives me extra room to let it hang.


Whether it is a strong belt, a good bra or even spanks, when you feel supported  you will feel more comfortable and your clothing will sit on your frame in the most flattering way. Belts are currently a life saver for me when my jeans are on the tighter side.


These will always look stylish no matter how a persons body changes. Wearing simple looks like a shirt jeans and heels, will alway look good in all seasons. Similar to wearing all black, some looks will always be right and ts ok to go back to the basics


Be it a pair of heels, or the perfect accessories, adding that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ will keep you stylish even when your body is changing.

  • Deans Wolves

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! You look flawless by the way!


  • To be honest Patricia, you look great- you’re the epitome of a “yummy mummy”! And yes the blue stripe oversized shirt x white jean get up. I practically live in this ensemble during the summer months ha ha!

    Jo x

  • Love it! Those shoes are yum!!

  • You’re amazing and you look beautiful!
    I love your videos and your ideas! 😉

    Have a great day!


  • Sindiso Moagi

    you can never go wrong with the blue, white and brown combination. Comfort is key as you have mentioned Pat. What good does it do when you are in pain all day in the name of being “hot”? Love the post

  • Lynda Okoli

    This definitely my kind of outfit! Love it so much. You’re looking so much more amazing lately, you seem to have this new found confidence and I’m loving it. Must be the ‘mum glow’. I totally agree with you, comfort is definitely key! And basics are always the best to go for, they never go out of style. As usual, awesome post Patricia.

  • Great tips, you look fantastic!
    xo, coco |

  • You look beautiful!! I love the white jean and shirt combo.

  • Vern Trainer

    Wonderful post girl! ? As a mother of two (soon three) these are key rules to remember. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

  • Absolutely stunning. Still have the perky bum intact even after having little Grace. Great tips.You look amazing as usual.x

  • Patricia, it’s as if you read my mind by publishing this post. These are excellent tips, and I’m sure I could put these to good use. Thanks for sharing.


  • Looking great!

    Your daily inspiration and motivation on

  • Great tips! I definitely believe in simple classics and adding a bit of “swag!” Nothing is better than nice jeans paired with a buttondown and a leather moto jacket.

    xx / Cleshawn |

  • Comfycozyup Books (Comfycozyup

    Girl you look great!!

  • Yes to a ‘dash of swag’ I love wearing fun accessories that brighten my day 🙂 plus you look fioone Patricia! Your motherhood journey is amazing to watch, lots of love xxx


  • I’ll use these tips probably in a couple of years as well ^^Thanks a lot!

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  • Trendy Break

    I love this look ! it’s so classy

  • Great tips, and darling you look better than most of us who didn’t just have a baby!

    Agnes x


  • girl!! you look so so good, love the oufit too

  • Vanessa

    I just told my sister I dont know how to wear my shirt if I can tuck it in or not, thank you for the tip. You look stunning.

  • You look fantastic Patricia. Most people wouldn’t think you just had a baby.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • Priscillia Okpan

    Always looks so good and put together!!!

  • Love this post! The photos are amazing too x

  • I love this post, not enough people talk about pregnancy dressing let a lone stylish post pregnancy dressing when your body changes shape yet again!

  • Yess, you look abso gorgeous xoxo


    You look good Patricia.

  • Praise Abu

    You look great and i love the way you embraced your new figure