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As it stands I am in my due week of my pregnancy, this baby should be coming along anytime soon, and I cant help but look ahead. There is something hard about being in a situation that forces massive change to happen in your life but at the same time something truly invigorating.
Being the massive control freak that I am if there is one area in my life I don’t have control over there are other area’s where I decide to step my game up. Not to toot my own horn, but I think this is a serious valuable skill for a person to have. What you can not change or control…ACCEPT, and what you can have an impact on, make a move. However change is never that easy, but I think there are 3 key steps to making it happen.


‘Without a vision the people perish’ a favourite proverb of mine and one that holds so true, without an idea of where one wants to go, how can you expect to get there? Walking in the dark is a recipe to getting hurt, lost or even knocked out! So getting your vision right is an important first step for creating change. For me as shallow as it sounds, just looking at these pictures taken last year, I thought damn, my body looks kinda fly….I didn’t appreciate it then but I do now, and so, I am inspired. Creating mood boards, searching the internet, and looking up to others is a great way to give yourself laser focus and inspiration for what changes you actually want to see in your life. For me I like to create inspiration boards in lots of areas but specifically Relationships, Body & Business. My advise, determine your key life areas and get that inspiration up.


It’s all fine and dandy to be inspired, there are lots of people who are inspired, but never make any change. Most people walk around in the constant state of ‘I would love to….yadda yadda ya’, but never take any steps or make a move to implementing an idea of change or concept. But I wont knock them because action is the hardest step without motivation. Tony Robbins (one of my favourite speakers of all time)  discusses the concept of leveraging pain and pleasure, and determining what matters the most to you and using it as a motivator. But in this day and age will power is often not enough, I love harnessing the technology around me from schedules, alarms and apps to keep me in check. You might have heard about a great app for those of us who are trying to get into shape. You basically earn ‘points’ for being active and working out and if that isn’t a motivator I don’t know what is. By syncing up with the healthkit on my phone, Earth miles monitors my daily activity tracking the distance covered walking/running etc then gives me points based on how much I’ve done. After all my activity points can be redeemed against various healthy rewards like money of fitness gear or free classes at the gym . There’s something about keeping regular track of something that makes you want to improve on it, and of course receive more rewards. Finally something as simple as setting alarms makes a big difference, sometimes I set myself an imaginary race or goal, something I have to complete before a specific time. Time boxing like this as silly as it sound creates great motivation. In summary you have to find your own motivations,that thing that triggers adrenaline in you to keep pushing, try apps, try alarms, heck try acupuncture, anything that is going to kick you up the behind to take action.


So you might have it all, the inspiration, the motivation, but sometimes there is that niggling sensation that holds you back. Call it a lack of confidence, call it fear, but please know it is a hinderance. I’m of the mindset in all my endeavours that failure isn’t the end, and if I am going to fail….’fail fast’. I apply this to EVERYTHING I do and it gives me the confidence to just try stuff. Confidence doesn’t just happen, it comes after a series of events going right and in some cases wrong over and over again. But the key steps to building the confidence is actually having those examples of events/steps to mentally pull from. If you haven’t tried anything you haven’t had the chance to build up that confidence muscle. The first step will be a leap of faith, so you will have to feel the fear and do it anyway…but take small steps to start with.

So there are my thoughts on changed laid bare for you all, lengthy but needed, your going to see so much of it from me in the next year and I cant wait!

Thanks to Earth miles for sponsoring this post! Make sure you download the app and check them out HERE it’s actually a really great tool.

  • Love it, and I completely agree with a lot of what you said. There are lots of sources of inspiration online these days, but you gotta put that inspiration into ACTION to make something happen!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • Tkay Masiiwa

    It’s so true that motivation really helps , you can have all your goals figured out and sometimes the confidence to get started but without the motivation nothing can actually get done !
    Tkay x | txay.blogspot.co.uk

  • I really enjoyed reading this, it gave a good perspective on different areas of our lives that we may need to work on. It’s true, fail fast and learn quickly!


  • I totally agree with this, and I love these photos 🙂

    Sophie x

  • The Reet Petite

    Oooo i’m so excited for you, Mike and the bundle of joy you’re about to have. I pray it all goes incredibly smooth!

    Thanks for sharing these tips, especially on motivation.
    The Reet Petite

  • Great post and great advice. All the best with the little one making their way into the world. Cant wait to see pictures.


  • Elle Rosher

    Wow, this is perfect. Just what I needed to read. Such good points: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But there are so many other things that go along with that, like all you’ve mentioned. Great post!

  • Lovely photos of you and you still looking great now and before! Despite the fact that there are so many inspirations everywhere but yours especially the Virgin Journals, i always get my pen and note book cause everything is always important!
    Wish you all the best and the peace of mind during this time and by the grace of God, Grace is gonna be the best part of your journey
    Enjoy your evening Paty


  • Motivation is the most important to me because you may be confident and have inspiration but if you are not motivated you will give up all the time.


  • You’re becoming one of my main source of motivation – from your Virgin Journals to your blog posts – you just make so much sense, haha. These days, I’ve been lacking confidence in my career, and I know it. But this has helped remind myself that I need to do something about it.


  • Sim.J

    Great Read! I definitely fit into the ‘control freak’ category but having a baby has pushed me to learn to adjust and adapt. Change is inevitable and i am working on being more proactive with decisions and as you stated, taking a ‘leap of faith’.

  • MarthaDahhling

    Really great post! I’m feeling inspired already. I recently watched your video on budgeting and it inspired me to get my act together. I think this post has motivated me to really have a think about what larger goals I want to achieve this year and start using these tips, I’m going to start putting words into action!

    Martha | Martha Dahhling

  • Melissa Buikema

    Brilliant post yet again Patricia. Thank you for a well deserve motivation. You are a breath of fresh air, from your articles to your vlogs/youtube channel

  • You’re like the big sis I never had 🙂


  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    I agree! Great post!


    Mademoiselle Coconath


  • Lovely post for a cup of tea!!

    Tolu | http://www.tscarlett.com

  • This is such an inspirational post and such a good read!
    Well said Patricia


  • valeria amorim

    Totally loved it! What an amazing post and you look so gorgeous!

    xxxx Val | http://onde-comprar-gojilife.com

  • Cocoa Nina

    So true! I found during my pregnancy that it taught me gratitude for my body, spirit and mind. I didn’t appreciate the things I could do before and now I feel such a complete (or growing) sense of self.

  • I absolutely love this post! (and love that Proverb!). We all reach a stage in our lives where suddenly, we’re hit with these challenging issues. We definitely need some key things to help get out of the funk. And it’s great to know that we can share these feelings (and solutions) with other women. Right on P!

  • Hamburger26

    This is great! I keep saying that I want to lose that last 15lbs. Sometimes I get close but then just wound up where I started all over again, which can be frustrating. Thanks for that extra virtual push.