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Well this has been a long time coming, 3 months in the making and our loft bedroom is finally completed. I’m definitely the kind of person who is not scared of building works and over the last 3 years we have owned this home we have done something major every single year, I’m of the opinion, if you want something amazing  just get stuck in!

It can be a bit of upheaval, stress and frustrations with lots of dust but the end results are always amazing. London living isn’t cheap and it also isn’t spacious, so the best way to get more room is basically to add more square footage. The hubby and I decided that building a loft bedroom would be the best use of our unused roof.

The building works took their time but I spent the most of the time visualising colour palettes and layouts. My feature wall is the area I am most proud of, I was able to kit it out with amazing affordable prints from if you are unfamiliar with the site, you are not alone, however they have some of the most gorgeous prints on the internet, and I honestly couldn’t make a decision and have a box of extra prints I am sure I will be rotating. I took inspiration directly from the site for the ideal layout that would fit the space. I played with varying print sizes and colours, the prints are all in keeping with the grey but I also have a pop of pink…which I never thought I would actually like, but love in the space. The colour on the walls is from Dulux it’s called ‘wishing well’ honestly it took so long to find the perfect grey, but this hits the spot.

For furniture I wanted to keep it minimal, we had a carpenter build us custom wardrobes to fit into the sloped roof, and for drawers we stuck with trusty ikea, and rather than picking up the classic MALM we went for the newer NORDLI, which can be customised, e.g. add or take away draws build up or sideways. Besides that we just have a book case of which we week our every day products in pull out boxes and electronics.

Finally we have a lovely little wet room, hard to shoot as it is little, but perfectly formed.

Minimalism has really been the route I have been wanting to go down, and living with less really isn’t that difficult, the hardest part has been decluttering but it is very simple when you have a blank canvas. I’m so happy with how the loft has turned out, and the chance to create something new has been a great and enjoyable challenge…we will probably get itchy feet in a year from now, and the next step will probably be a move!  I’ve also done a video which you can find at the bottom of this post!

Make sure you check out my link for the Desenio POSTERS ONLINE HERE for some great prints and inspiration! xxx


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