Recently I uploaded a video about my skincare regimen, and thought it would be good to bring it over here on the blog in a little more detail. It’s simple but also intensive, so you might need to pull up a chair and get yourself a tea for this one.

Before I kick off I’m going to add a disclaimer *Investing in good quality skincare products and actually putting in the effort from an early age is so worth the expenditure in time and in pocket.* There’s no point waiting for the wrinkles to set in before making moves prevent them. Anyhow, through my years of experimenting, countless hours of researching and truck loads of product, I’ve netted out at these tried and tested steps for maintaining ‘flawless’ skin (and by that I mean having the best skin for your skin – there is no such thing as perfection!).  Large pores and uneveness are my bug bear so, this is where I like to focus my efforts

My pore busting routine

Step 1: cleanse – but be gentle. It’s vital to kick start the process by removing any excess dirt/grime/oil from the face but using a cleanser that’s not harsh on the skin. With of loads of great options out there you’ll be spoilt for choice, an oldie but goodie is definitely the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, I also love this cleanser from Murad

Step 2: treat – using salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a specific topical treatment (beta hydroxy acid) designed to remove the nasties from deeper in the skin right down to the pores. It acts by causing the outer cells of the skin to swell and fall off or shed properly which really helps to open up the pores. Salicylic acid also breaks down whiteheads and blackheads so can work wonders on acne-prone skin.  Making sure to choose a product containing the right percentage of the active ingredient salicylic acid is crucial to the effectiveness of the treatment. I use the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant which has a great lightweight formula and 100% fragrance free.

Step 3: clay – Following this up with a clay mask really helps to rejuvenate the skin, absorb toxins and stimulate blood circulation to the skin. Regular use of clay will help remove dead skin cells and debris from the pores to bring out a smooth finish. The Bodyshops Warming Mineral Mud mask is an amazing affordable choice and alternatively Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask is gorgeous!

Repeat once or at most twice per week.

My glow and even skin tone routine

Step 1: cleanse – again gently!

Step 2: exfoliate – there are two ways of doing this and personally I like to implement a combo of both:

  1. Physical – using products that contain beads or grains to physically exfoliate the skin by removing the surface layer e.g Tata Harper Regenerating cleaners , or with a facial brush. Lately I’ve been using the Vanity Planet Spin for perfect skin brush  (Use My code for 70% off) which I find to be more gentle than using abrasive products. It comes with a specific attachment to exfoliate the skin and for those of us who like to take our makeup off with a face wipe then jump straight into bed, you’ll get the shock of your life when you see how much is still left on your face after exfoliating with this bad boy!
  2. Chemical – using products that get slightly deeper into the skin to remove dead skin think lactic and glycolic acid based products the Alpha – H Liquid Gold is perfect. This process promotes new skin cell generation to release that hidden glow underneath.

Step 3: treat with Vitamin C. Using Vitamin C topically is great for boosting healthy collagen production in the skin to maintain a youthful look. It also reduces inflammation and irritation and fades dark marks by improving the skin’s natural healing response. The Bodyshop has the Vitamin C Radiance Powder mix  in 10 Days you genuinely see a big difference, in glow and skin tone.

Step 4: Moisturise – after rinsing your product use a nourishing and rich cream that is going to restore the moisture lost through treating the skin, leaving it soft and supple, Use what works best for you, I’m not picky with Moisturisers.

Step 5: Sunscreen – using sunscreen should never be restricted to just holidays or summertime and is an essential part of my everyday routine. Chemical resurfacing treatments leave the skin more prone to the harmful effects of the sun, so this step is a must for protecting from UV damage. Paula’s Choice is one of my faves, as it doesn’t leave me with the blue hue that many others leave on women with darker skin.

That about sums up my full face skincare regimen. I know it was a long one but I hope some of the tips I’ve shared help you on the journey to better caring for your skin. Ive listed some of my absolute fave products throughout the post so you can check them out for yourself. You can also receive 70% off the spin for perfect skin brush by using this code ‘pat70’ on their website For those trying to see specific changes, remember the prize is not for the swift but for those who endure to the end…so keep at it.

  • Cetaphil and Murad are some of my favorite cleansers too! I’ve never done a chemical exfoliation before though… I would be too freaked out to try that at home, and luckily my skin’s doing alright as is for now…
    xo, coco |

  • lady j

    Yes.. peels can be tricky.! I have never used one and am not keen on the idea. I believe that you also eating more healthy and your pregnancy has been a positive spin on you Patricia. Enjoy! After baby, you may not have the luxury to do all these steps. Washing your face,quick showers will be your go to.

  • Great advice! Thank you 🙂

    Agnes x


  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Totally agree in investing in your skincare, I did so especially when I was pregnant here and never suffered pregnancy acne like some. Skin although thick can suffer breakdown really quickly, so a good routine and promoting collagen production, as I discussed here can keen you looking really youthful. Thank you Patricia x

  • I actually started using Paula’s Choice AHA and BHA some years ago after watching one of your videos where you were raving about it… these items have been pivotal to my skin change. That, and the warming mineral mask, which is also amazing. Might give some other products a go… my BFF is always going on about Tata’s .. so let’s see! LOL!

    Thanks for the tips girl!
    Jo x

  • Lorraine-Whitney Terry

    I loved reading this post, some great tips here. I love reading your skin care regimes, as this is something I really do struggle with especially with maintaining a consistent regime. Its very true, when it comes to your skin we definitely have to invest!

    Thankyou for sharing

  • Ayesha Khan

    I have never taken so much precautions for myself before but now I wanted to take care of my skin and body , and now I need to buy all these skin care products.