So guys I have to apologise I know I’ve been ridiculously MIA recently, but for very good reason… For those of you that don’t know I’m actually about to have a baby, which is super exciting, super scary, super tiring, but totally amazing!

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, from the surprise of finding out, to feeling 100% totally awkward with my changing body, to dealing with broken bones, hospital scares and a lot of other ‘hard’ things, I can’t say it’s been an easy journey.

That being said, I know that the most amazing change and blessing is about to come into my life which is going to make all of the above worth while.

Over the last few weeks I genuinely feel like I have walked into a new chapter filled with joy, excitement anticipation, and a desire to not only start again, but improve 10 fold. It might be the hormones…but what ever it is totally appreciated!

With my new lease of life I’m trying something a little different on the blog and *drumroll please* every week I’ll be bringing you a ‘Style Spark’. Think of it as a moment of fashion inspo charting my current favourite outfits, and pieces. I’ll also be posting a lot more, I want to say 3 x per week, but I don’t want to be too precise, just stay locked in.

Today I’m keeping it really simple and channelling my inner primer donna by wearing all black everything. There’s something about dressing in black that just exudes confidence. You just feel so put together, turning a girl from 0-100 real quick.  [sidebar] Top tip for all my single ladies, black ranks top on the list of colours that both sexes find attractive in another person.

I’m rocking a simple knitted top, Maternity black jeans, skintight booties from Asos (which I absolutely adore) and hands down the pièce de résistance of the whole outfit, my new leather jacket from a hidden gem UK brand called Boda Skins. They have the most amazing real leather pieces, albeit a little on the pricey side, but totally worth it for a statement staple piece that you’ll wear year-in and year-out.  To complete the look I can’t go wrong with a cute black bag, mines from Zara and a few minimal accessories.
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  • You look incredible, so excited to read about the next stage of your life with you too 🙂

    Sophie x

  • I wish you the best of luck in this new journey! Don’t stress yourself about posting often, what matters the most right now is you and your babies health!

    Agnes ?


  • Your hair looks fantastic, and you’re rocking that baby bump!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • I love that jacket! Your baby bump looks so cute. I’m actually so excited to see how beautiful your baby girl will be!


    India | IndiaHillWrites.com

  • Love the all black everything.


  • Kerenne

    Love the look as always Patricia! So excited for you ! 🙂



  • I am really excited for you Patricia, I’ve been following you on social media (snapchat, twitter, FB, instagram, & YouTube) for quite a length of time now. You never seem stop surprising me. Your blogs cause me to feel inspired and motivated (even though we’re so close in age). You have such an amazing outlook on life, and I feel blessed that you’re sharing your experiences with us. I know this new life will constantly be testing you, but please remain strong, and never quit the things that bring light in your everyday life. Your blogs continue to bring me out of my shell, with each new thing you post. It makes me want to try new things and allows me to be more adventurous with my fashion sense. Thank you for sharing this new chapter with us!

  • Comfy look!

    Your daily inspiration and motivation on http://www.letucc.com

  • I’m really happy for you and Mike, Patricia. I love your outfit, epecially your booties and jeans. I’m really looking forward to your new series, I hope you keep it up.

    Princess Audu

  • You look fab Patricia. I also love wearing black iwith boots to add that bit of oompf to my stride. x | http://www.luceluxelifestyle.wordpress.com

  • lady j

    Lovely and chic! I have not been out mingling in a long while and I am long overdue! Plus, I’m single! A friend recently asked if I was interested in a night out called CORSET AND FISHNETS. If I do, I have a cute little black pleated skater dress,black FISHNETS and black suede boots I am considering. What do ya think Patricia? Maybe it will attract the right opposite sex for me!

  • Lorraine-Whitney Terry

    You look beautiful ! I love this outfit on you! You rock pregnancy really well . I think I need to grab myself some of those boots too;) Thankyou for sharing

    Lorraine X

  • Phyllis Coriolan

    love love love the outfit ! Pregnancy looks so chic on you !!


  • Claudia M (Claudia Explains It

    Love the look, especially the rings! So excited for you and Mike, can’t wait to see the baby!!!

  • stilettosandstandards.com

    Oh Patricia,
    Your posts and videos never fail me!


    Aïchatou Bella,


  • Loving this look Patricia!


  • oh wow just amazing annekeita.com

  • Lovely! I need a new leather jacket, but it’s already warming up around here..maybe I can find a sale for next season lol Cant wait to meet baby Bright!

  • Really happy for you!!! We were wondering where were you nice posts ^^ I’m looking forward to see the process… 🙂

    Is there a lack of digital expertise on high-end fashion brands? Check it out on my latest post!


  • Love your ethos and style! You’re the definition of a “yummy mummy”!

    I randomly met your mum in Waterloo station a while back- She was so sweet and laughing most of the time. Lovely woman!

    Keep up the great work!


  • The 109 Block

    Perfect outfit Patricia, you look great!

    Lara xx


  • Sindiso Moagi

    Congrats to you and Mike. I am sure you cannot wait to meet baby Bright.
    You will enjoy this journey, you have nothing to worry about. Much love from South Africa.

  • You look good!
    Anyone know what nail varnish she’s wearing? It’s such an interesting green…

  • cassandra ikegbune
  • Congrats on the new addition to your beautiful family. Any change can take some getting used to. Love the leather jacket…it’s definitely something worth adding to your closet.


  • Love this outfit!x


  • Abena Appiah

    Love the looks!

  • C Colibri

    I have to admit, I have been following your channel/blog for about three years now but I’m not one to leave comments, but I thought it about time I show my support this way.

    You were the first person I ever subscribed to on YouTube and since then you and Mike have both been so entertaining, and you sooo relatable for me as a fellow black, 20-something, Aquarius, Brit! I love your fashion inspo and HIL-A-RI-OUS little chats and vlogs, and always appreciate the fact you and Mike both seem so light-hearted and down-to-earth and keep it REAL 😉

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, because what you create is always quality no matter if it’s once a week or once a year!

    All the best to you, Mike and the baby in your next chapter!!


  • C. Luc

    Patricia, I love this look. I just found you on You Tube a few weeks ago and I can’t seem to stop watching and learning. You are amazing. Side bar: I’m a 42 year old mother of two almost grown kids (20 & 14 year old) from NC. I’m newly single from a 17 year marriage and I’m realizing I’ve been missing out on so much by watching your channel. Seriously, you are giving me life for my next chapter. I will keep watching and figuring things out along the way. I am now a fan. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge.

    Congratulations to you and Mike; I’m so happy for you both and your entire family.

  • aawww Congrats! all black anytime I love your outfit!


  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Completely understand how you feel! Congratulations on the little one and wishing for all the best. I am sure you will be fine and the changing body does return back to normal as I mentioned here http://similindgren.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/MOTHERHOOD.html but once you’re with bubba it most probably won’t matter anyway. x

  • Hayley

    Patricia you’re so so beautiful I love your youtube channel, I’ve been following you on everything other than your blog for a while and I’m glad you have a blog too!

    You look great, congratulations on the pregnancy, not long now!!

    Hayley | writeaboutbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  • Trendy Break

    Nice Jacket !!!