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Well, here we are again, January, it feels unbelievable really that another year has come back around so quickly… I have a lot of questions to ask myself like – did I achieve all I wanted to last year? no. Did I meet some of my goals? yes. Have things cropped up that I never expected? hell yes! Can I change the past? no. Can I embrace the present and have hope for the future?….for sure.

Cliche as New Year posts are, it is worthwhile me noting some things that I might reflect back on when 2017 rolls around.

1. Focus is key- Distraction was something that has always plagued me although I can be highly productive, I’m also skittish at times. So this year I’m making it the year of ‘the one’. One vision, One moment, One hour,  One day at a time.

2. Excellence – There have been moments, due to rushing/ lack of time and focus, I haven’t given as much as I’d have liked to tasks, people, work & many other little things in my life. I find that guilt racks me when I haven’t done my best, and I am a harsh critic. However moving forward, being confident in the effort that I have made, will be a key driver for challenging myself further.

3. Love without bars – limits, preconceptions, rules and boundaries. I don’t mean this in a romantic sense although it definitely applies in relationships. I mentioned recently that I felt a ‘closing up’ within myself, a distrust and shying away from people and interactions due to past hurts and pains, but in reality I realised that the only person this hurt was me. The weight of suspicion is much heavier then being the innocent and sometimes foolish open-armed person that I was. This year I’ll be making more efforts to love endlessly.

Another post that is more for me then you, however I’ll be having much more useful stuff going forward, and my next post will be a post from the lovely Maureen…my sister!


  • Hey “twin”, great choice on the dress 😉 I styled the exact same one for the holiday season too!!!
    happy new year!

    xo, coco |

  • Your look is flawless in this post! Makeup is so on point and I absolutely love your dress ^_^ May I ask where you got it? And I’m definitely with you on staying focus.

  • Yay, a blog post! Congrats to you guys and you look lovely! My word for the year is discipline because I think that I get distracted easily too and it takes discipline to focus on something and make sure you finish it or stay consistent.

    Have a wonderful 2016.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • Dylana

    That dress is amazing!


  • MsganaWrites

    Loved the post, can’t wait for Maureen’s as well!

  • I love your outfit in this post! I love how realistic you are with the things you’ve noted that you want to reflect on next year x

  • Ismahan W

    Your makeup and outfit is on point, loove it x Those are definitely some really good tips, good luck with achieving your goals 🙂

  • I find myself focusing on so many things at once and then getting overwhelmed. I’m also trying to just to focus on just one thing at a time.

  • Lorraine-Whitney Terry

    Love this!

  • I love that you mentioned focus. Lack of focus and procrastination are my biggest flaws, I think it’ll be my life’s battle to overcome those!

  • Cali

    that dress is so cute makes me wanna book a flight back home right now

  • love the post:)

  • i love this color on you so much!! We are the same skin tone and I LOVE wearing pinks! It looks so great against our skin!

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  • Vanessa

    I love the way you style your hair, any tips on where I could find the products and services you make use of.

  • I love your make-up, very natural and beautiful.
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