Well, well, well, I feel like it has been an age since I have been on here, my sincere apologies I have been dealing with ALOT. So much will be revealed in the coming few weeks and months, but honestly so many pivotal things have happened to me good and bad. So now I am taking time to step back and take a clear look at the lessons I have learnt and the blessings in all of it.

A quick bit of advice, I have come to realise that intution is a real thing, honestly there have been many times in the past few months, that something hasn’t ‘felt right’ or something needed to change dramatically, and I responded accordingly, and every time I responded (even when it seemed a little ‘crazy’)  I dodged a number of big bullets! So I’m wondering is it just me? do you have those ‘feelings’ that make you respond in a knee jerk way? and does it turn our right? I’m keen to hear your thoughts but I honestly believe in it now!

Now ignoring my cryptic last paragraph! It feels good to be taking blog pictures again, I’ve been dealing with some body self esteem issue and you might have noticed I avoided Instagram and the blog for a number of weeks because I just didn’t feel ‘good’. Body image pressure is a real thing and even the strongest of us can find ourselves falling short, it’s especially hard when we are livining in a world people seem to think it’s ok to continually press on someones changing body shape. However I’m feeling better, and also I just missed posting,  I’m as natural in front of the camera as I was before, but hopefully that will return. lol.

Finally shades of grey always make me feel like winter is getting closer and closer, definitely time to get ready!


Photos Taken by Photographer – Alise

  • Luvherlipstik

    Lovely post Patricia :), cannot wait to see what u have to reveal 😀


  • Stephanie McKenzie

    Beautiful! I hope everything is going well for you! I definitely have felt the self esteem issue lately with myself and also just not feeling “right” in my current situation. Heres to hoping we both end 2015 feeling ourselves and feeling fabulous.

  • Your hair and makeup look amazing in these pictures, don’t be so hard on yourself! But I totally know what you mean, everyone goes through those phases… Good to see you back in action!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • Melissa Yearwood

    I am a HUGE fan. I love your honesty, your inner joy, and your style,. You seem like you would be a great friend. I, as all girls deal with body image issues but I do not have a blog or a active youtube channel, so it is not magnified by 100. Do not stop doing what you are doing, I look forward to your content soooo much. Next travel trip come to Tobago, (Trinidad and Tobago). I would looove to meet you. If i ever get to London I hope you do a meet and greet. I look forword to your next post. You always brighten my day.

  • NaijaGalFitness

    Thank you for honesty Patricia. This really hit HOME!! <3

  • Nichole Palomo

    Wow,…ok maybe I’m overthinking things after reading your post but I just want to give you hug and tell you this too shall pass. Keep your head up, your fans love you and look forward to hearing from you. No seriously I need to get a life because looking at your youtube videos is literally a part of my daily schedule and it feels like your family.LOL

  • heaverly Lingers (sherverlysli

    Woman! You don’t need to have body issues! You are a very beautiful woman. And nobody is perfect. Don’t let other people decide how you see yourself! Enjoy life and care less about people. I love your blog and videos! Enjoy your life Xo!

  • You look stunning, love the photos and your outfit is on fire!

    Agnes x


  • Beautiful post. Yes totally get intuition because had I listened to it I would have avoided a lot of hassle. It is challenging to be in the public eye and always be “on”. As women we are so hard on ourselves and it doesn’t help when others aren’t being kind. Really glad that you’re back and love the look.


  • Love this outfit Patricia, the bag is sooo cute x

    Millie x

  • This coat looks amazing on you Patricia!! Especially with that blue nail polish.

    Charlotte / Styleaked

  • I think you look really good so I don’t think you should feel bad about your body. You’re always a joy to read from and watch on Youtube. Love your outfit btw. I hope you and Mike are well.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • Alexie

    You have nothing to complain Patricia but i can understand. I used to be “thin” in the past just one year before and I took a lot of weight and now i don’t feel myself anymore but i’m loosing weight and stay strong no matter what ! We will always be under pressure sociallly physically ect we just have to deal with that stay confident without preoccupied “alll the time” abt what people think ! Your beautiful and really seems to be beautiful INSIde that is the most important in my opinion 😉 Keep going what you do you’re doing great! My apologies for the mistakes i’m French xo

  • You look incredible as usual, best styling of the Zara jacket I’ve seen! Yes, I’m learning to trust my gut-feeling too!

    Big love – Dani x


  • You look beautiful, I love your outfit. It’s sad that there is so much pressure to look a certain way in society but honestly you look fab 🙂 I hope you are feeling better x

    Charlotte x | charlotteandcate.com

  • Hey Sammiie

    Ahh you’re back!!!! You look amazing as always! That coat alone…and loving the burgundy tint to your hair!

    Sammie xo | http://heysammiie.blogspot.co.uk

  • Sikemi Epemolu

    You look beautiful Patricia. Congratulations.

  • So happy that you’re blogging again 🙂 I love your outfit so much- the peep toe boots are to die for! x


  • You are amazing and dont worry about what other’s say Patricia 🙂 Do what you think is right.

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

  • That dress is perfect ! and you look georgous !


  • Chizhem Elinah

    that bag is SO gorgeous!

  • Kiera Rutledge

    I think you’re beautiful and always have been but now that you’re preggers you’re just shinning you look absolutely amaze ball. Lol. As I’m typing this The gospel Song I forgot the title but the lyrics ‘The look looks good on you. God has blessed you and you wear it well.’ Came to me & it’s true I’m glad you’re becoming more comfortable in your new body. All the best in your journey

  • bunmi

    Patricia, you know, sometimes I feel like my state of health is more than I can handle, but then I look around and wipe my tears because many people go through so much in life that yours or mine, even though very significant to us, pales in comparison.
    You will have the moments when you do not feel at your best, but then tomorrow won’t be the same as today. Especially with all the body changes and hormonal changes you are going through at this time, it’s not easy, but it’s also a stage that will pass.
    When you feel down, and it will happen as we are humans froth with emotions and feelings, don’t dwell on it, think of the things that you should be grateful for–
    And always remember like you would always do, lend a hand to those you can, because life is quite fleeting and living through and for others is another meaningful way of living.

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  • Trendy Break

    I’m a bit late but I love this look ! You look stunning, keep on the hard work. X