IMG_8794 copyThe last few months have been the busiest in a long time, and dare I say it, ever. Lots of travel, project and personal things I have had to juggle day after day, and at times this can be hard on the body, mind and soul. So for me developing a feel good routine is essential in bringing back that centred feeling, that is important to me. So today I’m partnering with Kinder to share mine with you.

1. The Wakeup Choice – Passion 

This might seem out of one’s control but it isn’t. Reaching for the phone, rolling over aim-lessly, and sluggishly making moves to the bathroom, are definitely the traits of a bad day ahead. Instead I try to mentally list of some of the things I would like to do, the things I am appreciative about and things that excite me, while vigorously making a move. A glass of hot water lemon and ginger are also my new favourite morning perk.

2. Complete A Goal

I know goal setting can be a bit of a pain, but it makes a difference, I try to make it small and achievable, and I target to complete at least one early on in the day. Recently its all  related to fitness, and for me it is making my way to the gym or local park and doing a few laps, 30 minutes is all I need to make a difference, my goals vary and can but be from working out to reading 2 chapters of a book, to meal prepping. Goals are so personal but I try to make them achievable, and successive, and once they are done I always feel better!

3. Get Active

This is a well known, but not the easiest one to execute if  heavy breathing and sweating sends a chill down your spine. This is me, however the benefits have out weighed the cons, and as mentioned I just try to go at my own pace, from using my favourite machines in the gym to ensuring my run/walk in the park is filled with music and fresh air.

4. Treat Yourself

Understanding that life can’t just be rigid rules rituals, and the whole part of having a feel good routine is having surprise treats here and there. For me something like Kinder Bueno, is a scrumptious way I like to break up my day and routines, its deliciously different way to enjoy chocolate, while satisfying a sweet tooth and lifting my mood a little. Treats and little excitements are known to make you feel better, and when you have achieved goals, then you deserve it right?!

5. To-do List Completion

Now this might be on your goals list or another one, (I try not to have too many but I do have different lists for different reasons). But I try to pick 2 -3 a day to complete and block out the rest. The pressure of having outstanding things I have to do fills me with dread, so I either completely remove them or just get them done, recently it has been the clear out of my closet room and wardrobe and makeup collection. De-clutter = De-stress, and I’ve really found that less is really more.

6.  Pen to Paper

Honestly getting things out of the head and on to paper is like lifting weights of the shoulder and  often makes me feel instantly good. General thoughts, affirmations, aspiration and thankfulness is where I like to start from.

7. Pampering

Probably my favourite bit, but making myself pretty, doing my hair and makeup makes the difference especially  when I’m having a bad day, whenI look good, it instantly lifts my mood.

So thats my 7 steps for a feel good routine, please do share yours with me!

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  • catherine ♡

    Loved the video Patricia, so motivating and uplifting! x

  • I love all of these tips!! I write everything down on paper. Even things I want to achieve and may not achieve I write it down. My mind starts working on ways to get what I want when I do that. I printed this article to keep and make reference to. Thank you for this.

  • Dleona Oluchi

    Such a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Such a great post, loved the video.

  • I love all of these tips!! Very useful and the Bueno chocolates 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips!!

  • Love the message of this post – sometimes taking a step back to organize your mind is all you need to see things differently… in a good way 🙂
    xo, coco |

  • These are great tips that I definitely need to work on! The white chocolate Kinder bueno is my favorite!

    Agnes x

  • Great tips!

    Anika |

  • Love this caring side of you, it’s really what sets you apart from other bloggers. You’re like a big sister to your readers, trying to help improve our lives 🙂

  • Nara

    Very inspiring Pat, thanks for this blog post 🙂

    Defo taking your tips as I’ve been trying to improve my lifestyle…

  • Sonia Tiwari
  • Aw, such a lovely post!

    My favourite thing to feel better is pampering and coffee with almond milk.

    Yukova x

    Yukova Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog | Instagram

  • lavinya royes

    I agree with every single one! its nice to read something uplifting on a monday afternoon! – x

    Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Great post! I often start my day by rolling over and grabbing my phone, which in turn is like letting someone or something else set the tone for my day. I need to start my day more deliberately with positive intentions. I wish I had read this earlier, but no time like the present to start practicing some of these tips. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • asklychee

    I really enjoyed this – you should do more of this as i think it really does resonate with the younger generation – love it!

  • NaijaGalFitness

    Great post per usual! I need to incorporate this into my daily living 🙂
    xoxo |

  • Mishynana

    Did she get a boob job? Her boobs look fake

  • riya

    This is surely going to help me.

    Checkout They provide beauty services at you home. Where else could one be more comfortable?

  • Jennifer

    Love your ideas 🙂 Writing things down is the bestt for getting all those busy thoughts out of my head


  • Hey Patricia! I just saw you on The Gadget Show, it’s great to see a UK blogger/vlogger on TV, well done that’s amazing 🙂
    I’m not necessarily into my fashion (well I try a little!), but I love what you do and this is a great post particularly love staying active and to-do lists!!
    I wish I could think of a way we could collaborate! But would be great to connect 🙂

  • TheBrish

    Great tips. Before I go to bed, I usually have a mental or written note of the things that I plan to do the next day. I am a morning person and find that I am more enthusiastic at that time of day about doing my daily tasks. I also find that if I lay around in bed too long after waking up, my energy and enthusiasm slowly fades so I usually get up pretty much as soon as I am a awake and like you, I enjoy cup of lemon in warm water first thing in the morning.

  • bunmi

    When I’m going through a tough time, just reading something by you definitely makes a huge difference. Even when you feel down, i hope you get more inspired by the thoughts of the impact you make in other’s lives 🙂

  • Christina

    I loved reading this post. I think it’s so important to think positive and look forward to tomorrow before you go to bed. It makes a big difference.