IMG_7826 copyI hope you’re having a great week so far. I thought I’d share a post from this weekend, I’ve made an active endeavour to use the weekends for fun, food and frolicking. Mike and I decided to go go out to London to do a spot of shopping for him for once (Let me know if you want to see a little husband haul!). It was nice, I will say the weather is really annoying here but you really can’t let it stop you from enjoying experiences. I was feeling so badass that I even braced the cold weather in shorts, guess what? I’d do it again, it really wasn’t that bad with a pair of tights, I now think cold is a frame of mind so ‘despite the forecast live like its spring’ 🙂IMG_7794 copyIMG_7852 IMG_7797 copy IMG_7798 copyIMG_7826 copy IMG_7811 copyIMG_7856We also made our way down to Five Guys in Covent Garden, with all the hype and queues we thought why not. I won’t say I was disappointed, but I won’t say I was really impressed, I think the novelty of an American diner is nice, and the burger was a good, but really it was just a burger. After, I felt a little guilty to have this when I am meant to be on a healthy journey, but that didn’t stop me getting extra cheese *pushing cheat day to the limit*.

Any recommendations for great spots in London that we should visit??? xDSC00013 copyDSC00008 copyDSC00020 copyIMG_7865 copy IMG_7877 copyDSC00020 copy