IMG_7905BI’m now settled back at home and thought it was due time I share with you the Paradise that is  Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Having spent last week on the Island, I was excited to show you some of my favourite images and moments while staying their. Now, I actually have a tonne of images but I tried to keep it a little refined, and select my favourites, and I’ve summarised a little of my thoughts about the stay below.

The Waters – Crystal clear and brimming with sea life. From the coral, to the colourful fish piqued by morning greetings from baby sharks, I couldn’t believe it was possible to see so much so clearly on a resort. Some of you who follow my snapchat may have seen the faithful evening where I became David Attenborough after spotting a huge Manta ray just along the path, I followed and filmed it for a good 30 minutes in awe.

The Grounds – 2 Islands connected by a jetty, with only 300+ rooms, the island felt like it was my own. Each spot was a picture opportunity, a corner of nature, but with plenty of shade from the heat. There were so many different places to discover and explore throughout the day. We had the chance to experience the rooms on the main grounds as well as.

The Food – Well, y’all know me and my love of food, and there is no messing with my belly! Rangali Island did not disappoint. With 12 restaurants to choose from each evening and lunch time, I was able to try so much. The food was beautiful and never felt like ‘resort food’ each restaurant had it’s own chef, menu, theme and culture. I could try everything from the far east to gorgeous Indian, or classic European. I was in love, and so was my waistline.

The Experience – Perfectly enchanting.
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  • “bae-watch” alert!! 🙂 love that red one-piece on you – i need one of those for myself
    xo, coco |

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  • OMG! Didn’t you pinch yourself at the sheer beauty of it all?? Amazing!! It certainly brightened up the grey miserable day in London! You looked so relaxed and chilled…you deserve it!

  • These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are the ultimate travel goals 🙂

  • OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! These photos are gorgeous!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • All of your outfits were on point! It’s such a beautiful place and I’m sure you had a great time there x

  • Stunning pictures! I love the series of posts on Maldive!

  • Oh my goodness! This place is amazing!

    Your daily inspiration and motivation on

  • I wish to say something nice and smart but these pictures left me speechless! Amazing <3

  • vp6241

    Conrad Maldives looks spectacular. Definitely looks like a must stay for me when I visit. Lovely. Thanks for sharing as I didn’t know there was a Conrad on the island.

  • You went to my dream destination! Like that’s the kinda place I want to go for on a honeymoon. Honestly if I got the opportunity I would just go by myself and just be at one with the nature. It looks like a DREAM, I can’t begin to imagine what a good time you must have had there! If there are vlogs coming, I’m gonna be watching! 😀

  • You look gorgeous in that red swim suit! I love it!

  • Absolutely unrealistic imagery!! Such a beautiful place to visit!! You literally look the definition of amazing in these bikinis 🙂

  • you look so great in the photos Paty and the place is worth visiting its small heaven
    Enjoy your Weekend!

  • That place looks like what heaven should look like, and you look amazing!

    Agnes x

  • My fiancé and I are going to be married in bora bora.
    Patricia you are such an inspiration, I have wonderful job and still my dream is to break into the fashion industry(blogger). Sometimes it is very hard and of course takes a toll on how you feel about yourself. Anywho it is so nice to see a darker skin female who works hard and is given due recognition and opportunities(not just speak on hair but on things pertaining to fashion and beauty)

  • Those photos are omgooodnessss BEAUTIFUL!!! You seem to have enjoyed yourself fully.

  • Just WOW! Patricia, you look as if you belong there! Your skin is glowing girl! Great read, I dream of visiting one day!

  • lavinya royes

    That first picture is UNREAL! It looks like heaven! and the work of photoshop (I know its not) just cant fathom sometimes how beautiful some places in the world really are!

    That black maxi and red swimsuit look da bomb on you! You are glo’ing errrday 🙂 – x

  • wow! Breathtaking.. Cant wait to visit Maldives… Too excited already..

    Tega Enai

  • Amazing place!!!! I have been there 2 times, every time I simply loved it thank you for recalling my lovely memories again 🙂

  • Such beautiful pictures! And you look absolutely gorgeous, love the triangle bikini 🙂


  • Janine Hardy

    Hey Patricia it was cool bumping into you on the train yesterday! I love the Maldives i had my honeymoon there 5 years ago it’s the most beautiful place possibly the best beaches I’ve ever seen. It’s like you’re in a real live post card! Ahhhh take me back….

  • Beautiful. I need to visit this place.

  • Calvin Zola

    beautiful pictures the Maldives is such a beautiful place. xx

  • That swimsuit looked gorgeous on you. So flaterring 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • WOW! Love this red swimsuit!!

  • Wow this island is so blue and peaceful 🙂 And you look so beautiful 🙂 xo

    Marj from: Fashion Travel Accessories : Fashion Girl : Fashion Travel


  • Faith Katunga

    Everything about this post is just beautiful

  • Francesca Williamson

    ahhhh so much pretty in one post! stunning views 🙂

  • Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Makes me wish for my homeland the Caribbean. Enjoy your vlogs and blog. Great pictures you look lovely.


  • This looks like heaven! Immy x

  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    I love the Maldives, it’s my favourite island in the Indian Ocean, this reminds me of my baby moon makes me want to go back x