The obligatory bikini post is here, and I knew it had to be the Brigitte from Triangl, because it is so pretty and matches the unreal views. To add to this…no colour editing was needed, honestly, the sky is actually just so blue, the sea just so perfect, and the sun is great at blowing blemishes out of an image! Staying in the GorgeousΒ Conrad Maldives Rangali IslandΒ Makes it so easy for beauty to be seen on each corner.

When given the opportunity to take time to think, read, and develop yourself mentally, take it. Not everyday rush, rush, some days…. Peace and serenity.



IMG_8168 IMG_8261 IMG_8209

IMG_8161 copy

IMG_8202 copy

IMG_8151 copy

  • I’ve discovered that I like blue colour! It’s so odd, because I’ve never liked it…
    And it’s sooooo beautiful on your photos!!

  • Benita Oyawoye (Bscoutingblog)

    Beautiful pictures! looks like heaven…i love your bikini x

  • Manouk

    You look amaaaazing girl! That place equals paradise.

  • You look absolutely amazing!!! The blue really works well against your skin colour and you’re right! I don’t thing that any image editing needed to take place! πŸ™‚ xx

  • Blue really looks great with your skin tone. I should probably try and incorporate more color into my wardrobe, too lol

  • Mary Norgan

    so many beautiful blues! that bikini looks great on you as per usual

    Mary Norgan|

  • Beautiful pictures, amazing bikini!

    Your daily inspiration and motivation on

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Both you and the scenery. It seriously looks like dream, I wish I could trade places haha! πŸ™‚

  • Esther Imbula

    Love it, youre literally glowing.x

  • Zahra

    That Sand! amazing! That bikini is perfect on you x

  • AΓ―chatou Bella

    You look absolutely stunning! & the scenery is just breathtaking! How calming your post was.


  • OMG these pics <3 It looks like paradise on Earth, seriously! You look great in that bikini and I love how it perfectly matches the scenery πŸ˜€


  • Amazing photos! The bikini looks great on you Patricia. Glad you had a good time x

  • looking amazing Patricia

  • These photos are amazing and you look amazing!

    Agnes x

  • Christina

    I love love love your bikini! It’s so gorgeous, love the colour!!

  • Those photos are amazinggggggggggggggggg!!!!

  • Love everything about this post! The different blue hues are beautiful!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • LOVE that bikini color on you! the colors of the swimsuit match the beautiful waters πŸ™‚
    xo, coco |

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  • You look amazing! Lovely photos; I like the crane(?) too. πŸ™‚

  • Olatawura Adetutu

    OMG this is just too beautiful! I absolutely love the scenery and the bikini to booth!

  • Those are the body goals I want… This triangle Bikini was specialy made for you and the blue waters of the Maldives!! you look more than great Paty
    Have fun! xx

  • 5th and Weston

    Love the bikini Patricia.

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  • Chi-Chi

    love your bikini!

    ahhhh, that beach looks AMAZING!! i soooooo need a long haul beach holiday! x

  • It’s great to see you look so happy πŸ™‚ wish you all the best! How do you make your makeup stay on so well at the beach?

  • Looking good Patricia! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bikini!

    Periwinkle Posts x

  • You look absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours on you.

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  • April Okwuobasi

    beautiful Patricia ….u better Werk!!

  • Kai

    Blue is your color, girl! You look stunning.

  • You look really amazing on that bikini! I love it! xxx

  • Ketty Mulenga

    The bikini is beautiful on you.
    New blogger:

  • The details, just loving this post!! |

  • Mige
  • Hello Patricia! I did follow your Advice, thanks for the kind words… The blogg:

  • You look so beautiful.. The bikini is gorg!

    Tega Enai

  • I love that bikini, and you look fab in it! As a new blogger, I’m inspired by awesome blogs, like this one, created by women of color. I’ve always wanted to to do a feature on lifestyle bloggers of color, I’m inspired by, you would definitely be on the top of the list! Cheers! My blog is

  • jade vanriel

    woow amazing! oh how I want to go there!!!

  • Natalie Da Silva

    wow!! this really is paradise, you look too stunning in these how toned you are too!

  • l’m loving this swimsuit!!

  • This colour. Yes girl!!!

    Dani x

  • Caroline M
  • Caroline M
  • You look great! I want to go there so bad.

  • deborrahm

    That bikini is beautiful and what a lovely view.