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So you may have noticed some changes around here… New layout and look!  Please do bear with me as it is a work in progress and changes have ended up taking a lot longer then expected. It has been ages since I last posted, but this will no longer be the norm! Instead I’ll be having a regular posting schedule (Currently undecided but don’t worry I’m working on it.)I am also trying to link a lot better so please do click away! It makes me feel good to know I’ve been able to share my sneaky purchases and favourites with you.

So todays post is a new take on the ‘haul’ as I’ve been wanted to manage, my pockets, wardrobe and life…going forward, I plan on buying  few key pieces here and there to share with you all. Rather then a ship-load of  items, I’ll just pick 1-5 key items monthly. We are calling thins ‘NEW IN’ *fingers crossed I can do this.

From My Duty Free Dior’s, and half price Balenciaga sandals, this month I got a little carried away with the designer goodies but I tell myself, I saved money as I never paid full price! (PS Book mark the Sandals they do not go on sale online for a few more weeks..but keep it quite) . I also have a few other high street pieces and my monthly faves.

Finally please do leave comments and ask me lots of quests, they make a big difference to my day, I genuinely read them and find so much joy in the words you bring. Love you all, and enjoy July. PS can you believe we are almost over half way through the year! I hope you are making it count! xxx


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  • Natalie Collins

    I love the ‘new in’ idea! I can’t help but read your posts in your voice in my head either haha, love the new video too <3


  • Floral prints look amazing with your skin tone!

    Charlotte / Styleaked

  • LOVING the new layout!!! i’ve been seeing those Dior sunglasses on everyone lately — must be the rihanna effect, as she’s the new face of the brand 😉
    xo, coco |

  • Looove those Dior sunnies 🙂

  • NaijaGalFitness

    Love the new layout Pat and that jumpsuit is on point 🙂


  • Steph Xander


    What is the best sun cream you would highly recommend for Black skin and also t
    the best sun cream for Acne/Oily prone skin for face .


  • Like the layout and we’re all works in progress no worries about the changes taking longer than expected. Love the jumpsuit and the ‘new in’ concept. Great pieces 🙂

  • daniella87

    How much did you pay for the Dior So real sunglasses? Did you get them in duty free in heathrow? I looked last month but couldn’t find them in T5.

  • Cat Kimotho

    Keep it quite?

  • Jennifer

    ah those shoes look awesome, and that outfit looks amazing on you!


  • Pat do you mind if I asked who did your new layout. It is gorgeous! I’m a blogger too and looking for something fabulous. Give up the deets girl! xoxo

  • Sonia Tiwari

    I’m actually in love with those shoes!