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This year I knew I was going to embark on my healthy journey, for real, no playing around and lasting for a week..then gorging on a pack of lindor 🙁 . I wanted to implement something that would last a life time, so its all about lifestyle changing.

Step 1 in the lifestyle change is to improve my overall diet, from what I have read so far achieving that ‘perfect  body’ is 80% diet and 20% exercise, which is great as exercise is really not my favourite thing to do…but eating really is!

Now I love my food, and hate that feeling of hunger, so starving myself really isn’t an option, but making healthier food choices is, I’m going to try and break down the science and formulae for a healthy diet a little bit based on my limited currently knowledge.


1.  Metabolism is basically how your body creates and uses energy/calories from food to sustain your life. The rate at which your body consumes this energy is called the BMR and this can vary, but the higher the better (meaning you, naturally burn more fat, e.g. some people can eat mac d’s everyday and gain no weight, while others eat a slice of toast and gain a stone!)

1.1 Eating more regularly will increase your metabolic rate and will stop your body from storing excess fat.  Crash dieting can actually put your body into shock as your body assumes there may be a famine…so stores more fat.

1.2 Increasing lean muscle, means that you burn more calories at rest (Dream situation…loosing weight while you sleep!)

Sorry about the boring bit…but it is good to know these key facts.. I’ll have some more in the future as I go through this process

So below is my weekly menu, and I plan to stick to this ….FOREVER! (lol! I’ll switch it up on fridays and maybe renew every 3 months




(AM) Breakfast

– I’ll basically start with a low GI High Fibre breakfast of porridge, maybe with some fruit or honey, if I’m feeling fancy.

– Can’t go wrong with a boiled egg and a slice of Wholemeal toast

– Once a week I’ll treat myself to a full English..because as I said…I love my food

(AM+) Snack post breakfast

– Fruit and veg are a great healthy options for a pre lunch snack, and as I’m focusing on eating regularly I want to eat good stuff, carrots, peppers tomatoes are great with a bit of salt and pepper and fruits are tasty on their own.

– I’m also adding a splash of protein and good fat via half an avocado and humous here and there, keep my energy levels high and are great if these are days I am working out.


– More then likely will be left overs from dinner, aint no body got time for cooking in the afternoon, we got work, but seeing as sandwiches don’t cut it, left overs will do.

– If Im feeling fancy I might treat myself to a salad, or an avocado with tomatoes on an oat biscuit.


– Lets keep this easy and sweet – Fruit or some veg, probably. at this point in time I’m probably not that hungry but eating really low calorie food regularly will keep that metabolic rate nice.


1. Brown rice, with Chicken and vegetables – Simple and balanced. I may switch it up and make it in to my Nigerian favourite – Jellof rice, but will ensure to keep the oil levels much lower having found out that ever teaspoon of oil is about 100 calories…(shock!)

2. Grilled salmon, sweet potatoes with green vegetables – A favourite dish of mine, very healthy and low Gi with the sweet potatoes, I can swap these out for yams or white potatoes to switch it up, and even go for cod or haddock if the salmon gets a bit boring.

3. I’m sure one of the dishes looks very strange but its a favourite of mine, Okra stew, with tomato beef stew served with Eba/Gari. My Nigerian food must be eaten at least twice a week or I suffer from withdrawal. Another amazing thing about this is actually how healthy it is, okra – vegetable, tomato vegetable, Gari – Root vegetable, high fibre and low GI…its literally a health dish (minus the oil and extremely large portions they usually serve at home!)

4. Tuna pasta – A lazy dish but a good one, simple quick and easy, swap out the normal pasta for wholemeal and your able to improve the greatness of this dish.

So thats my healthy menu for the moment, I’ll be keeping track and let you know how it goes. My kitchen is being done at the moment so how closely I’ll be able to stick to this is a bit…hmmm but I can’t wait to get cooking and doing a few food posts for you.

Patricia x