Happy Thursday guys, half way through the week and I feel like it has been one of learning. I can’t delve too much, but I really wanted to come hear to vent a little, is that ok? so, those who know me well, know that I am a sharer and I wear my heart on my sleeve,  I’ve found that I am someone who give’s a lot away, from knowledge, money, time, commitment, I give it all because it’s the way I am, and it’s almost innate for me to be a little naive and open armed. However the reality is that giving your all doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get back the same in return. But, it’s ok. I’ve learnt to never give of myself with an expectation of equity, give, because it feels good to do it, give to those who deserve it, but also those who seemingly may not. Finally do not regret the moves that you have made, but appreciate the learning that the results have provided.

Some times it’s also  important to be grateful for the amazing trait’s that each of us uniquely have, for me I’m grateful for my innocent naivety , because it has helped me be open and warm and brought amazing people into my life, secondly I’m grateful that for some reason when thing don’t go as planned I have a spirit of resilience which actually ensure’s that my my reality ends up better then I could ever envision.

Thanks for letting me have a moment! Moving onto the pic’s these are from last week in Paris where the sun was shining and I was feeling like a princess, truly there is something inspirational about the city and I can’t wait to be back there shortly. This dress was a steal from Nasty Gal, that I picked up while in LA, you might have seen it in my haul video but I’m glad I had the chance to pick it up!
IMG_4038 IMG_4037


    I loved this When God says yes nobody can say no . Continue to put out your best. Your blessing will continue to flow.

  • Nice post, Patricia! Unfortunately, not everyone will appreciate you. It’s best to guard your heart and figure out who’s worth your kindness and who’s just taking advantage. Love this look, by the way!

  • Pretty dress and hair!

    Agnes x


  • Wonderful blog post! Sometimes people can take kindness, commitment etc. for granted but I do agree that it’s important to carry on being yourself even if it’s not replicated. Enjoy the rest of your week! Xx

    Olivia – http://www.cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  • Obsessed with your hair like this Patricia! And those shoes, ugh! So fab! X

    Glam night look over at-

  • Austin Candace

    absolutely gorgeous…and whatever came your way and perhaps unnerved you little…peace and blessings for the lesson learnt. Be bless Patricia…gwan with yuh bad self.

  • ColourMeIn SC

    Looking gorgeous as per! Being open armed is definitely a blessing; less fear and more love! x


  • Tara’s World

    Absolutely love all your posts, how humble you are and your style xx

  • The dress looks beautiful on you 🙂
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • I love everything about this outfit, you look great! The shoes remind me of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection.


  • Ashleigh Applewhaite

    Dont let people take your kindness for weakness. Also don’t think of yourself that way too. Great post. I am also a heart on sleeve girl and I have learned that it may be upsetting when people try or do indeed take advantage but as long as you and yout intentions were to help thats all you can do!

  • Tutu

    Excellent post. Love the fit of the dress and the touch of color with the bag


  • April Okwuobasi

    just beautiful….o and your ass looks good in that dress..x

  • This is 100% perfect. What a babe.


  • Lavenders key

    Really wish i could have made it to beautycon to meet you! you look gorgeous in that dress. x


  • Lovely dress. Very flatering 🙂 X


  • Debby Marshall

    love that dress on you. http://www.fashlovesmash.com

  • Janine Goumbala

    Patricia! Your body is sicccck!
    Black and White is always so classic and you are doing that dress justice.
    And you hair looks so good like that…it brings out your face. So beautiful.

    xo, Janine | http://www.beautiiluxe.com

  • Breath.taking! I love how you have updated such a timeless color combo. You are gorgeous and your body is on point love! Late to the party but better late than never 😉

  • Ama Poku

    You are soo gorgeous it’s ridiculous!! Really beautyful andyour body is gorgeous <3
    xx Ama


  • Gorgeous!

  • Camilla

    Love the outfit!
    Your body is amazing


  • Patricia you look soo good girl!
    You are right, everyone should be proud of who they are (easier said than done, but practice makes perfect 😉

    xo, Manda

  • Teressa Maring

    You never fail, Patricia <3

  • Aww this dress looks perfect on you. I fall in love with dressed like these but still end up buying mostly LBDs lol


  • Chinyem

    Always glowing!! Love u. x

  • Kai

    Ugh! Why am I so late on this post? You look stunning!

  • Looking gorgeous like always.

  • Thats a really really becoming dress! WOW! 🙂

  • Great post, love that look on you!!
    Amazing photos love!
    Amazing dress!

    XOXO, Jessi


  • Love this dress ! So chic

    xo, Rachel http://www.colorandexpression.com

  • Krystal Gurnell

    Love the black and white! You look gorgeous!

  • Tamara Kalinic

    Babe you look incredible!!! <3

  • Anthonia

    Stunning as always Pat!!


  • Love this dress and the shoes are amazing! x


  • Laura Hadley

    The bag is so pretty!

    Laura | http://www.laurahadley.co.uk xx

  • Jennifer

    looking lovely as always 🙂 love the bag



  • Patriz

    i need that pull neck in my life! i love your blog! http://www.leahpatriz.com

  • 3 things I love from this post; the watch, the bag and the dress!!!

  • That outfit is everything! xx


  • Shanna Antonio

    I Love the dress!
    I’ve also learnt that lesson, thanks for sharing.

  • That dress is gorgeous. Your advice about giving was perfect. I am a giver as well. I still give a lot knowing it will always be returned to me. Maybe not from the person (s) I’m giving to, but I am confident God is watching and He always blesses me.

  • Ubah Kadie

    http://ubahkadie.for.me/ Thanks for reading my blog and the tip!

  • Fatima

    Love the dress look so good on you!

  • GabriellaL

    I absolutely ADORE this love, so fun 🙂

  • Beautiful Dress!!! Am so in love with it..

    Tega Enai

  • You are such an inspiration Patricia, I am so glad I stumbled across you on YouTube. Keep it up.

  • Likewise, I find myself helping with open arms and this summer I learned that I was actually enabling a friend by helping her. Ex) we both work but she spends her money on clothes and neglects to pay her bills so when she asks I would assist. when I acknowledge that I was not helping her because I was doing it for her. I showed her how to formulate a budget plan so she could spend wisely. She was upset at first but a month later , she definitely thanked me 🙂


    Biba Martin