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Something about the Bank Holiday weekend makes me feel a little disorientated, it’s hard to remember if its Wednesday or Thursday! Anyway I have been really enjoying few new pieces I have purchased over the past few weeks, the weather is getting warmer and I am keen to experiment more. I wore this look over the weekend and loved these amazing jeans from Topshop, It’s fun to be a little rebel! Right now I am getting ready to pack for LA, it’s my first time in a city I have always wanted to visit, I definitely need some recommendations for things to do and see, so please do share with me if you have any experiences! x

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  • Have fun in LA! Definitely try and make it to the Getty Villa along the Pacific Palisades if you can… the drive there is so scenic (I HAD to stop for pictures on the way) and the villa itself is gorgeous. My sister lives in LA, I can put you in touch with her if you need more tips from a local… just let me know!!! I always try to get out there to visit as often as I can, it’s a great city 🙂 Love your outfit by the way!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • Feyi A
  • lsiss

    Those jeands look amazing on you!

    Lauren x


  • Chloe Bandeira McLuhan

    I love those heels, they add a really cool modern touch to the look! And I too am struggling to remember the days of the week, Friday needs to hurry up! x


  • I love the look of that sleeveless vest! Amazing how it pulls the entire look together. Have fun in LA! 🙂

    xx Nichole @ WhoGoesWear.com

  • Chantal

    I love those ripped jeans! 🙂 x


  • I love your jeans 🙂


  • sorina

    why you don’t wear a bra?

  • If you like a bit of “grungy” + hip, come to Koreatown… There’s loads of great Korean BBQ to eat, as well as a coffee shop or two. Also, The Line Hotel is pretty great for scene-y stuff as well. It’s friggin’ warm here but I’m sure you’re excited about that! Safe travels!

    xx/ Cleshawn


  • Eva IV

    love this! plus that lip colour is gorgeous!


  • You are gorgeous !

  • Love the whole styling Patricia! Have fun in LA.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • Have an amazing time in LA, I’m excited for you! Keep up the great work…your photography and editing looks AMAZING!

  • teju randle

    You look amazing!


  • Maki from Prague

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    • Maki from Prague

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  • sweet fancy

    Beautiful outfit

  • eyesandears

    please can you also include links to the items 🙂

  • man i love a good blazer and this is a GOOD one!
    also wth street is this haha the lines are crazy – great photo spot!

  • Shaunice Alexander

    Where are these shoes from?!!!

  • Lovely photos. Love the curls in your hair and those ripped jeans

    Agnes x


  • Love the gorgeous outfit!!

  • Rachel Dely

    love , love, LOVE this look. that blazer is so adorable ! http://www.colorandexpression.com/

  • PL

    Girlll, you are so fly! Love, a long time admirer and watcher 🙂