Continuing my health and fitness theme for January, I wanted to share some tips that are a little bit more realistic for those of us who are not exactly perfect when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Sometimes there’s a lot of good advice out there but it can seem a little out of reach. (and has lots of us just reaching back into the biscuit tin while we lean back with a cup of tea and jammy dodger!) So here’s my top tips:

1 Substitution | The act of just swapping it out. Sorry, no more “rice mountain”, you are now a molehill, and veggies are your new substitution! It is very clear that long term dieting isn’t a sustainable solution, but swapping the higher calorie options for healthier higher fiber ones is a great way to still feel good and eat healthier without getting hungry.
2 Portion Control | Again, I like a mountain on my plate and often am left confused and hungry when I am handed a plate with what appears to be a pin head portion on it. However as abs are made in the kitchen the reality is that smaller amounts of food are going to make a big change. One of the ways I love to trick my mind, is by using a smaller plate. That way I can’t over fill and it doesn’t seem so bad. In reality a lot of us are consuming a lot more then we actually need to survive and that causes the excessive weight gain.
3. Reduce Salts and Sugars | I call this the instant slim, 4-5 days of cutting back (or completely) really makes for a visible change, there is something about it that causes you to hold less water and aids the face and stomach looking smaller, honestly give it a go and see what you think.
4 Get The Gear | Being a pro shopper, this should really be number 1 on my list and to be honest any improvement in your diet and fitness is going to cause a transformation of someones body, so during the process you might as well feel amazing about it. I’ve been working with Missguided on their new Active Wear range which is amazing, the collection is right on the money in regards to stye and actually being a practical great gym gear set.
5 Sleep in Your Kit | This might sound gross to some or a ‘eureka’ to others, but if you really want to kick yourself into acting on your plans and stay motivated for that morning work out then being in your gear already one less excuse to give yourself and it also acts as a reminder.
6 Change your Mind Set | Personally, going to the gym at fixed times per week is nearly impossible as my diary changes so much, but having the mind set to burn energy at any time possible, and making small changes to a lifestyle can make a long term difference overall. From getting off the train a stop early, taking the stairs or running for the bus, each little mindset change gradually makes a difference.
7 Find inspiration | It is all around, from instagram, blogs, youtube, its everywhere. I like to take a look at realistic indivividuals who have great insight as well as workouts online. A few of my faves include Lydia, Scola, Fitness Blender & The Skinny Bitch Work out. All of these are amazing so do check it them out.
8 Get a Crew | “Iron sharpens iron” they say, having others to be accountable to is great idea for when you’re low on motivation. I have a Whatsapp group with some of my girls who are always sending over progress pic’s as well as inspiration. Hopefully your friends will always tell you when you may be going down the wrong road or biting into a burger too many!
9 Set a Goal | Obviously. What is your actual goal, define this and work towards it, taking pictures is also a great way to see how far you have come.

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  • Realistic is always the way to start! And I definitely agree with you, that it’s all about the mindset… still working on this myself 🙂
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • April Okwuobasi

    omg yasss!!! you look really cute, i definitely will be looking into getting these

  • These are great tips to be healthy and fit, and yet be happy! btw I LOVE your hair! looks gorgeous on you Patricia

    ·The Health Blog for the Lazy Girl·

  • Sleep in your kit, haha so guilty of doing this when I need motivation! x


  • Amzelica

    You look amazing as always in your pictures! I really like the idea of sleeping in your kit, I have never thought about this, but I am never motivated to go to the gym on a weekend even though I do nothing in the mornings. I’m going to start trying this so I actually get my arse out of bed and gym-it on a Saturday! x

  • These tips are awesome ! Being fit while stylish is the best 😉 lol

  • If it’s not realistic, it will never work for me. I now work out in the afternoons because I have more energy then — not a morning person. But, when I worked out in the mornings, I did sleep in my workout gear.

    You look great!

  • Katie Chandler

    Loved these tips, I’ve been struggling to get motivated and this has really helped! Love the trainers!!

  • Sleep in your kit is actually the. best. idea. ever!
    Sophie xx

  • Your blog is so well put together!

  • riya

    I lost 22 pounds in the last 3 months and I wanted to stop now. You are being the “inspiration” for me. Thanks for the blog!


  • Rosy Fame

    I love how realistic your tips are. Never change Patricia <3