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So number 1, I’ve got to start off with mentioning the launch of the amazing new Activewear range from Missguided, it is giving me all kinds of life. Launched today online, I am one of the lucky ones who have had the chance to take a early sneak peak and try on, I must say I am really impressed. The quality, fit, and overall coolness of the collection is just so Missguided, ticking all the boxes, it also sticks to one of the great attractions of the brand, it’s affordability. Activewear is so massive, and to be honest it is great to be able to look fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time.
Number 2, today is the start of a health and fitness journey for myself, it has been a long time coming and I’ll be honest, I have been a stop/start kind of girl for the longest. Having been blessed enough that I could eat anything that passed my way, I took for granted the impact it would have on my once skinny frame, let alone my arteries. Having come back from a beach and seeing a range of bodies as well as being really sick, I took a moment to really think about the state of mine. It seemed to be heading more and more south, and realised I look great if I stretch up and suck in, but not so much if I am at my relaxed stated. So I’ve decided, I don’t want fake sucked in abs that look great on Instagram, I want to feel fit and better from the inside out, hence the start of this journey.


Funnily enough I don’t really have any specific weight goals but instead I have target areas in my body and overall well-being that I really want to start to see a visible change in. Those being my Bum, Stomach, Stamina, and Alertness. I have taken some (private) “before” photo’s which I will be more comfortable in sharing when transformation has occurred! Goal setting is really important, it gives you something to work toward but also give you a chance to see how far you have come.


We all know by now, abs are made in the kitchen, and to really see a difference, my relationship with food really needs to change. Sad sad times. Being the full blooded Nigerian woman I am, it’s hard to cut back in my Jellof, Eba, and fried assorted meats. However one thing that I have learnt is that it is all about the right things in moderation. Okra stew and Gari, are actually really healthy, it really is just the volume that makes some food’s bad for the waistline.
For the next 5 days I am currently on a Juice Cleanse – Not in the really cool way of buying a 5 day juice kit for £199 (What the heck!) I have opted to blend fruit and and veg using my trusty Nutribullet My main mix consists of 1/2 Cucumber, 1 Handful of Spinach, 1 Carrot, 1/2 Mango, Handful of Blueberries, and 1 Lime. I am having 2 of these a day, and some days a light evening meal.
Again this is just for 5 days, really to get my body used to consuming less and detoxing (Slightly). After, I will be moving to a lower calorie, full mix eating regime that I’m hoping will be sustainable for the long term, more on that soon.


Usually I see exercise as an ‘argg, do I have to do this! Stomp, stomp, stomp!!!’, this, has got to change, I want to make exercise part of my everyday life I am choosing to do 30 minutes of exercise each morning and 15 minutes at night, and walk/run 2 times a week. My schedule is often quite hectic and often changes a lot so sticking to a gym class is hard to do but working out at home or on location, so such a small period should not be a issue. I am picking a few specific exercises from from the ‘Skinny Bitch’ workouts, which are great for target areas as well as overall cardio. The 3 I am doing in my video below, are the ‘Plyo Jump Twist,’ the ‘Side Plank Hold’ and ‘Push Up To Mountain Climbers’. These are just for a start and there a lots more that I will be doing over the next few weeks. I try to do these for intervals of 1 minute, and aim to keep going for 10, (Harder then it sounds). I then switch these up, and add a few other actions.

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So that is it for now, sorry for the long post but I wanted to add as much detail as I could ( It could get a lot more detailed than this) , especially for those who want to join me on the journey. I will update bi- weekly, and will be taking each day as it comes. Wish me luck! #Getfitwithpatty.


*Disclosure – This post has been sponsored by Missguided
Any movements used from this page should be at your own discretion. If you have prior injuries or medical conditions please consult with a medical professional before performing any exercise. Missguided and the skinny bitch collective are not liable for any injury and/or accident that could occur from performing such movements.

  • very nice Patricia and a very Happy New Year
    I am also on a fitness journey and while I get to do my exercises successfully, the diet part is quite working out the way I had hoped it would. Anyways, it’s early days yet, I think it would be wise to not kill myself about it yet, lol.

  • get it girl!!!
    xo, coco |

  • Amzelica

    Good for you! x

  • Hell yess! I’m with you on this one Patricia! Healthy body=Healthy mind! X

  • I want those pants!

  • Chloe Polo

    I love this Active collection from Missguided!
    UK High Street Fashion

  • I am so glad you are doing this. I never thought skinny girls needed any exercise. Now I know n I’m looking to start a fitness journey in Feb n make it a lifestyle too; The rest of this month to ready myself.
    I’ve seen suggestions on using fitness pal. Don’t know how to use it yet but wd like to connect w anyone on this challenge. Good luck!

  • Angela Lawrence

    OOOOO girl yes! I will #getfitwithpatty


  • Patty, I know how it feels. I’m having the same struggles when it comes to routine and sticking with a set program. My latest struggles has been motivation. I live the US and I’m currently residing in CA. We have a lot of fog out here and the weather has been quite chilly, so I’ve been having a hard time willing myself to the gym. Haha. However, watching your videos and reading your blogs really make me feel more motivated to get in shape and in better healthy. Keep at it! I want to see how your juicing goes. I have a close family friend that recently went through that too, and he told me about his struggles in doing so. Stay positive!

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  • Keira W

    Very inspiring ! I wish i looked this good working out ! PS please check out my blog i would really appreciate it