NY Dairies #4| The Box House Hotel Review

When booking a holiday I usually spend days and hour looking for the right hotel, and for this trip I had made the little mistake of leaving part of that the responsibility to an external company. For the first half of this trip we were staying in something I can only describe as a ‘dreary hole’ in Manhattan. Although it was opposite Central Park and a ‘desirable location’ I still felt crappy there and did not spend more time in there then to sleep. Just think of a humid shoebox with no windows, with a distinct smell of bleach constantly lingering in the air…. that was our humble home for 5 days :(.

Moving on, I had been smart enough to book the last part of this trip myself and decided we would spend it with the ‘peeps’ in Brooklyn, in an amazing hotel called TheBoxHouse. I had seen the picture and reviews (No.1 in Brooklyn) and was sold. On arrival it did not disappoint and I breathed a happy sigh of relief.
It is beautiful, peaceful chilled out and just ooooooo. Its somewhere you can feel very at home rather then feeling like you are at a hotel, the staff are helpful and chatty, and the facilities are on point.
I was glad I spent my final days in this place, I would highly reccomend and it was the cherry on top for my NYC experience

The Lobby.

The Living Space

From Bedroom Upstairs

The Bathroom

I must say, my pictures don’t do it justice!