Taking A Moment

Sorry for the intermittent posting, sometimes one just gets stuck in a rut.

My head has felt very jumbled up, and I have been very caught up with concerns that haven’t even happened!
I’m not sure why,but I’ve been spending a lot time thinking and worrying about all of the tasks that have to be done, without doing any of them and then being worried about not having them done, causing a vicious cycle of anxiety.  
My husband, kind of helped me get out of it with a string of strong words which where almost like a slap of reality, for that I’m so grateful.
So I’m working on the following:- 
1. Giving that for all I have, where I have come from and the future that is to be. 
2. Focusing outwardly and on others (selflessness is a great way to put things into perspective)
3. Creating regime and order in my life. 
4. Enjoying the process
All roads point back to the concept of the active prepared life I wrote about few months ago. I kind of let it slip…but I think it might be time for a re-awakening.
However I’m feeling better, I understand that I have a mountain to climb but I need to stop and admire the view in the process.
Sorry if this is a bit cryptic for some of you, but I’m sure there are many others who know the feeling and have been there. Hopefully I’ll have some tips and tricks to help with ‘that feeling’ in the future.