Glaston Berry – LinkIMG_0436

Amazing Grace – LinkIMG_0449

Very Victoria – LinkIMG_9714IMG_9725IMG_9724IMG_9574This is a bit of a sexy title now isn’t it? Let alone the picture *Gasp* “where is your top Patricia” *I hear whispers*. Well I’ll tell you, things are changing and the revolution is here.

On a serious note, once I tried on the Matte Revolution Lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury I felt like taking my clothes off(…Don’t ask me why.) I had heard about the collection coming out and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. They did not disappoint. It is clear to see I’m a rich dark chocolate in colour, and some times shades are a little bit off on me especially in Matte finishes, but the majority of these look perfect on my skin. My Favourites, ‘Very Victoria’ – A gorgeous nude, ‘Glaston Berry’ – Rich and dark,  ‘Lovely Liberty’ – a sumptuous reddy-brown, ‘Amazing Grace’ – Femininely pink. There are more but I haven’t got round to getting naked with them just yet.
Additionally, the Retoucher which is another win product from Charlotte has had a colour extension, therefore I am in the spectrum of skin tones that this works great for. Initially I used number 7 Medium, 8 Medium for highlighting but I have now used number 10 Dark for full coverage. I love it.
I am a bit of  CT stan to be honest, and my collection is growing but the quality is so good and the packaging to die for, I would suggest at least to have 1 item from the collection. Start off slow or you may end up an addict!  To make it easier for you guys I am going to do a giveaway of each of my favourite from the Matte Revolutions collection. Just because!

All I want you to do is
1. follow me on Insagram and FB if you are not already my Page –
2. Type under my pictures & Wall -*The Revolution is here*
3. I’ll annonce winners next week on the Blog

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  • Chelsea Coffey

    I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this color is on you Stopped me in my tracks. Fantastic look gf!
    xoxo ~ Chels ~