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Over the weekend I finally attended the festival that is Glastonbury, I had dreams and visions of what it would be like..and honestly, it was nothing like what I thought.

1. Mud everywhere, not a patch of grass insight

2. A vast area of land with people walking around taking in the sites and sounds, almost like a little village where you could wander into a concert at any point in time

3. Not as much about the music as abut the experience of being there.

4. Thank God I was in the pre setup hospitality area staying in a Sqrt, because I’ve realised for sure…I am not about that camping life

5. It’s ok to dance in the rain like a crazy person and get your weave wet.

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Having arrived on the Saturday it was a little bit of a mission to find our camp but we got there dropped our bags and went to explore, we first saw Kelis who was amazing and and after went to see the site. There was food everywhere…(which you all know would make me very happy) and lots of store selling clothes, and other goodies so obviously I had have a shop. Now to be expected the heavens open, I’ve not seen so much rain in a long time, I had my parka jacket but it was no match for the rain so I just rolled with it and was dancing like a crazy woman during  the House music set (can’t remember the DJ’s names but they were amazing). The rest of the time we just rolled around seeing more bands, and DJ’s no big headliners, besides Lana Del Ray, and Metallica (not real my thing, the the set was actually alright). I’m super glad I have the opportunity to go to my first festival, let alone it being one of the biggest in the world, but I was glad to get home to a cup of tea!

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